Kristian Grimsland
Associate Editor, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords
October 1, 2013

Since I was 18 years old, I've always had a Mustang. It started with an '82 5.0 with T-tops. I've had a variety of Fox-bodies through the years. One of my favorites was my supercharged Vibrant Red '93 Cobra. I drag-raced that car for years. My best quarter-mile time was an 11.88. I was very proud of that car—especially since my dad and I did all the work on that car. Times and priorities changed, so I sold it.

In November of 1999, I purchased my seventh Mustang—a '00 GT. I ordered it exactly as I wanted. To pay homage to my Cobra, I chose Performance Red. As it turned out, I thought drag racing was out of my system, but that was not the case, so my dad and I had a new project to work on.

Since we were new to the Modular motors, I went with a tried-and-true performance mod—forced induction. We installed an intercooled ATI Procharger unit, along with supporting mods like injectors and a Lightning MAF. Other mods included 3.73 gears, a B&M short-throw shifter, an X-style mid-pipe with high-flow cats, and two-chamber Flowmaster mufflers. With a performance tune, it cranked out 400 rwhp. I raced it every week at the test-and-tune sessions at my local track. While it was normally a low-12-second car, I was able to squeeze out an 11.73 at 120 mph under perfect conditions.

As the years went by, I realized this car was becoming a part of my family. When I married my wife, we drove to the reception in this car, followed by the wedding party in four other Mustangs. A year later, my wife laughed at me as I squeezed our first daughter into her car seat in the back of the Mustang. Three years after that, I had to squeeze my second daughter into the back too. Now that they are a little bit older (5 and 8), they love to go with their daddy in his "noisy car."

Since I have retired this car from drag racing, I've made subtle mods to it. I moved the stock spoiler back 1.5 inches. I have installed the hoodscoop and side-scoops that were not part of the GT package in 2000. I replaced the stock headlights and taillights with smoked ones. I added a Mach 1 grille and chin spoiler, and installed Bullitt brake calipers in the front with slotted rotors all the way around. The best appearance mod I made was replacing the stock rims with Bullitt rims that are deep dish in the rear.

This car has been enjoyable on many levels. I enjoyed drag racing it. It enabled me and my dad to spend quality time together (which my mom enjoyed seeing as well), it was there to celebrate my wedding day, and the kids love going for rides in it.

A big thank you goes to my wife because there were times when I thought of selling it, but she talked me out of it. Maybe someday my kids will enjoy this car as much as I do. When that happens, I may have to buy Mustang number eight to keep up with them.

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