Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
September 1, 2013

Street 'Stang

With his '08 Mustang V-6's chrome wheels clean and shiny, Alvin Munoz finds a place on these pages. As you can see, his is not the usual V-6 Mustang with custom paint and body mods. He's also stepped up the car in the power department, as well. The V-6er sports a S&B cold-air intake, a BBK Performance 70mm throttle body, Steeda Autosports underdrive pulleys, JBA Shorty headers, a Diablo-Sport handheld tuner, and a Zex 75hp nitrous system. To go along with the JBA headers, Alvin's V-6 'Stang features a side exhaust using Magnaflow mufflers and an X-shape crossover pipe. Alvin is the founder of Street 'Stangz (streetstangzcarclub.com), a Mustang club based in Southern California, with a chapter in Phoenix, Arizona, and he sends thanks to his brother Ivan for getting him into Mustangs. In the future, we can look forward to Alvin finishing his SN-95 GT convertible.

Fortunate Twins

Being a twin has its advantages. For one, you always have someone willing to help upgrade your Mustang. In the case of Jeremy and Justin Smith from St. George, Utah, they're always upgrading their Mustangs, which include an '01 Bullitt in True Blue, a pair of '03 Mach 1s, and a Screaming Yellow '04 Cobra. Their love of Mustangs started in high school, when they owned matching Laser Red V-6s. The twins respected and longed for a GT or Cobra, and now they have both. Jeremy owns the red Mach 1, which was purchased with a bad transmission that has since been fixed, and the '04 Cobra, which boasts 589 rwhp thanks to a Whipple supercharger and exhaust improvements. Justin owns the Azure Blue Mach 1, which serves as a garage queen while he pilots the True Blue Bullitt (1 of 723) as a daily car. "Being a twin is awesome when you're both Mustang nuts," Justin says.

Roush Tribute

Just ignore the farm animal next to George Haines' '05 Mustang—we're going to focus on his Roush-fortified GT. George did all the work of transforming his GT into a Roush Stage 3 replica in his own garage, and we mean everything. He showed us the photos to prove it at the Brothers Performance show in Deland, Florida. George added everything from the TVS2300 supercharger kit, to the full Roush exterior, to the car's Baer brakes in the comfort of his own garage. “It just clicked over 92,000 miles, so it's a driver,” George says. And we can vouch for him when he says the car doesn't have a spec of dirt on it.