Stephanie Davies Associate Online Editor
November 29, 2013
Photos By: Marc Christ

Any automotive enthusiast can appreciate a well-done homebuild. Here at Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, we especially love Fords that perform as well on the street as they do at the strip. Bobby Patterson of Alexander City, Alabama, is the creator of the awesome 1991 Ford Mustang LX you see here.

"Some people may say this is not a street car anymore, but it's hard to argue with someone who drives the car to cruise-ins over an hour away on a regular basis, and often uses it as a third daily driver when the mood hits," Bobby told us.

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Bobby was no stranger to the world of Mustangs when he bought this Fox in 2004. He had owned four others and an SN-95 Cobra before purchasing his current Pony from a friend. When Bobby brought his prize home, the fun began. With nowhere to complete the build, he constructed a small one car "shop" to house his project.

"I bought a white V-8 coupe with the intentions of building a simple street car with parts left over from past projects," Bobby explained. He knew from the beginning that a turbo was in the cards and he got to work.

As an engineer, he had no problem putting together the components of the '91 Mustang LX's turbo system and a host of other special parts. Incredibly, the only part of the project that Bobby can't claim is the paintjob.

Customization graces nearly every inch of the Fox, such as the full 3-inch exhaust out back, drag race-type antiroll bar made from a F-body GM front sway bar, or the differential cover with built-in strut braces made from a Ford Explorer's independent rearend.

After a handful of different engine setups, the Fox finally sits as you see it here. Nearly every part of the Pony has been changed or tweaked in one way or another.

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Under the hood lies a Dart block bored and stroked to 408ci, complete with AFR 225cc aluminum heads beneath a Super Victor EFI intake manifold. A Comp Cams custom solid-roller camshaft and JE pistons handle combustion, but the real power comes with the custom-made turbo kit, which includes a Borg Warner s380 turbo producing 7 pounds of boost aided by a Snow Performance methanol kit.

A Lenco CS-1 four-speed transmission with a custom hydraulic-clutch setup puts the power to the wheels—Champion wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson ET street radials to be exact.

"A custom-made adjustable hydraulic clutch pedal assembly would never be noticed, but it is appreciated by anyone with a big shoe trying to control the Ram twin-disc clutch," Bobby explained.

The car underwent an appearance upgrade as well with a fresh coat of silver. His son Chris helped him design the hood graphic, which is painted on.

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"The biggest thrill of all is that feeling you can't get from a slicked-up late-model car with air conditioning, a booming stereo, and quiet interiors—the feeling of pure beast, the feeling of a car on the edge of being out of control, and the pure joy of dropping the clutch and snatching a lever," said Bobby when asked to explain his passion for the Fox.

This streetcar runs an awesome 9.48-second quarter-mile at 148 mph.

So what's next for this incredible build? Bobby tells us that he's working with Jose at Forced Inductions to upgrade the current 80mm turbo to a 91mm that has a turbine wheel big enough to handle the motor in an effort to easily run 8s.

"I want to thank my wife, Kathy, for always supporting me in building the car and encouraging me not to sell it when offers were made," he says. Hux Racing in Goodwater, Alabama, and Dennis Moore of Moore Racecraft in Millville, New Jersey, also helped make the build possible, along with many family members and friends.

"I wanted a car that feels, rides, and drives like a hot rod. I wanted all the noises, smells, and other characteristics to go along with it, and I didn't want a car that felt newly bought," says Bobby. Mission accomplished.