Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
August 1, 2013

Attention Getter

Trenton, Georgia’s Justen Cuzzort has had this New Edge GT since 2005. He and his grandpa spent a lot of time building it in the garage, along with a lot of help from good friend Skip. “It currently has a Vortech V2 T-Trim supercharger, 3.73 gears, a SPEC clutch, and an aluminum driveshaft,” Justen said. He’s hoping to add an MMR-built 4.75 stroker soon to really put some power under the hood. Even in its current form, Justen says the car gets plenty of attention wherever he goes. With a two-tone paint scheme over a Steeda Autosports Q400 hood, a Mach 1 grille-delete, and Saleen replica wheels, we can see why. It has our attention—and we look at Mustangs all day.

Photo Grabber

Spencer Cook takes his own photos as Action Images Photography. Of course, he took a few shots of his ’12 Grabber Blue GT for this month’s Showcase. The first thing you notice about Spencer’s GT is most likely the stripes, which were painted by Chronic Customs in Mansfield, Texas. This GT is more than a pretty face, though, as Spencer’s GT features Brembo brakes, 3.73 gears, a Steeda Autosports cold air, Moroso underhood gear, and a Speed Dawg shift knob in matching Grabber Blue with white stripes.

Italian Boss

No, we’re not speaking of our boss. We’re talking about Jose Trinidad’s ’12 Boss 302, which he had shipped to Italy when he was stationed overseas. Jose doesn’t really get to drive the Boss often, but when he does, he makes it count. The Boss features just a Steeda Autosports cold air, a Steeda tune, and a Laguna Seca gauge pod. Jose exercises the car at as many open-track events as possible. He’s already hit the Autodromo Vallelunga, and he hopes to take on the Nurburgring, as well, once he’s stationed in Germany after his stint in Italy. “She gets as much attention here as a Veyron would back home,” Jose says, “It’s pretty funny watching everyone bust out their cameras on the highway or in town. They love to hear her rev.” This pic was taken with the Boss in front of the Hard Rock Cafe in Rome. Hey, Jose—Editor Turner always makes it a point to get his wife a pin at every Hard Rock, but he’s never been to Rome in a Boss.

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