Matt Stone
August 1, 2013

There's so much torque on hand that you can easily pull away from lights in Second gear and putter around town all day in Second and Third; you'll never need First with the exception of steep driveways and V-max level launches and acceleration runs. The fortified 5.4 will haze the massive, sticky rear Falken P285/30ZR20s all through First and Second gears if that's your right foot's demonic demand. Fifth and Sixth are overdrive gears, but with so much power on hand there's actually a bit of acceleration to be found in each of them at legal freeway speeds. Fourth gear handles most passing chores; for all others there's Third.

And the sound is glorious: The big, polished, Borla pipes wail, snap, crackle, and pop depending on the rev range and whether you're under load or burbling down a hill in Third gear.

We didn't have the chance to validate if this Superest of Snakes will hit the 200 mph like the video, but we know these cars are good for the long, far side of 150 with room to run. Yowzah.

And BTW, this car handles too. The Shelby/Ford Racing adjustable shocks, plus the super-stiff yet sticky 20-inch rolling stock, sharpens every driver input and associated response; the electric steering gives some feel and feedback (so much better than when these systems started showing up on hybrids and economy cars just a half generation ago), and while all the heavy-duty suspension bits cost a bit of ride quality, it's not entirely over the top. If you want more compliance, you can always dial it in (the dampers are adjustable after all). Based on our non-test-track drive, it all feels pretty tight, firm, responsive, and fast—just as a Shelby Mustang should.

As of our drive, the odometer reads less than 2,000 miles, so the car is all but virtually brand-new and barely broken in. And you can own it. It will be auctioned off on eBay in July, with all funds benefitting the Shelby Children's Foundation. What a combination—a high-buck, high-visibility, custom-built Shelby Super Snake that starred in a front line video game, bought directly from Shelby American, benefitting the cause that meant the most to the late and great Carroll Shelby. Nice.

Visit the Carroll Shelby Foundation website to get updates, info, schedule and rules about the charity car auction.

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