Ben Hosking
October 16, 2013

This is backed by a C4 with a 3,500-rpm B&M stall and shift kit, shifted by a polished Pro Stick mounted to the tan carpet in that luscious interior stitched up by Artistic Trim. Put together to Dean's recipe, the cabin reeks of old-school cool. Ford really hit its stride with the XP's design and it's no more apparent than inside. With a beautifully restored bench up front and another out back, Dean can even fit six for warm summer evening cruises.

"I have four kids, so a six-seater was a must," smiles Dean. "One of my fondest memories growing up was my dad's '66 XP coupe. It was a weekend cruiser and I loved cruising in it. I wanted to share that with my kids."

With the build on the home stretch, it was getting down to the comparatively little details. Even though the XP sounds crisp and mean with the dual 2½-inch exhaust system and homemade 4-into-1 headers, one can't exactly expect the family to enjoy that for hours on end as well. Dean wired up a nice stereo to entertain the troops, consisting of a Pioneer head unit that controls two pairs of Kenwood speakers, both hidden behind trim panels to retain the classic appeal. Indeed, even the head unit is mounted low under the dash with the original radio keeping pride of place in the dash panel.

"The most enjoyable time was strapping the wife and kids into the car on rego day and going out for our first cruise," beams Dean, the memory obviously still close to his heart. "Now I just want to drive it, cruise it and not break it."

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The Details
Dean Robinson's '65 XP Falcon
302ci EB Falcon small-block
347ci stroker crank, Scat connecting rods, Probe pistons
Ported cast heads, Isky valvesprings and retainers, hydraulic roller cam, 0.550-inch lift, 288-degree duration, 110-degree LSA, 1.7:1 roller rocker arms
Edelbrock intake manifold
Holley 750-cfm Double Pumper
10:1 compresion ratio
Estimated 400 fwhp
C4 automatic, B&M shift kit
B&M 3,500-rpm stall converter
B&M Pro Stick shifter
EB Falcon housing
LSD center, EB wagon tailshaft
Custom 4-into-1 headers
Dual 2½-inch mild steel exhaust system with X-pipe
Front: Selby springs, Gabriel shocks, Whiteline antisway bar, Opel Astra steering rack conversion, collapsible steering column, XD Falcon power steering pump
Rear: Reset rear leaf springs, Gabriel shocks, custom Caltrac-style anti-tramp bars
Front: XD Falcon front rotors and calipers, Bendix Xtreme pads, XF Falcon booster
Rear: EB Falcon rotors and calipers, Bendix Xtreme pads
Front: Ridler 655, polished aluminum, 17x7
Rear: Ridler 655, polished aluminum, 17x8
Front: Maxxis MA-V1, P215/45ZR17
Rear: Maxxis MA-V1, P215/45ZR17
Restored original, cream leather seats and door trims, cream velour roof lining, retractable seatbelts, Pioneer MP3 head unit, Kenwood four-channel power amp, Kenwood front speakers, Kenwood 6x9-inch rear speakers, heavy-duty cabling, custom kick panels
Toyota Ice Blue, rear venetian blind, factory bright work
Build Time/Cost
4 years/$30,000

Who's Responsible
Andrew from GAS250 Restorations, Menai Mufflers, Pioneer Plating, Artistic Trim, Strathfield Car Radios—Liverpool, "My wife Julie for allowing me the time in the shed, not to mention the financial freedom for my dream. Also, Steve Nicholls for all his priceless knowledge and guidance along the way."