Stephanie Davies Associate Online Editor
September 3, 2013
Photos By: John Machaqueiro

Trevor Jackson of Middletown, Maryland, has always been a fan of white cars. So when this '99 Mustang GT came across his computer screen in June 2011 at an incredibly low price, Trevor jumped at the chance to make it his own.

"I've owned a bunch of Fox-bodies, and that's what I was looking for originally, but it was outrageous what people were asking for them," says Trevor. "I've always dreamed of owning an '03 Cobra," he explained, but with four small boys, the price tag on a Cobra just wasn't manageable. "When I saw this car, it had all kinds of potential. It was super-clean and I knew it would be a good starting point."

Trevor is no newbie to the Mustang game. His previous Pony was a 9-second '92 coupe. Unfortunately, when the economy fell apart, Trevor fell on hard times and had to sell his beast.

Starting fresh with his new GT, he decided to go a different route. Trevor wanted a car he could drive to shows comfortably with his wife and sons—unlike his coupe, which was outfitted with a full rollcage—so this Mustang is just a little more low-key in the power and protection department.

The 4.6-liter Two-Valve engine is boosted with a Kenne Bell 2.1 intercooled supercharger producing 9 psi. JBA shorty headers carry exhaust through a UPR X-style mid-pipe and Borla Stinger mufflers to make the beast growl. Tim at Rodeheaver's Hot Rod in McClellandtown, Pennsylvania, tuned the car, which now puts down a sweet 424 hp to the wheels and 487 lb-ft of torque. Strange Engineering shocks and struts, along with Eibach springs, make the Pony ride smooth, while Maximum Motorsports subframe connectors keep the chassis stiff.

But obviously, this Mustang's power and performance are not what make it unique. "There are only so many appearance modifications available for Mustangs. I wanted to build something outside the box, because when you go to a show, a lot of cars look the same, just in different colors," Trevor says.

One day while flipping through the local newspaper, he came across a story of a local artist who had customized a Cadillac and a Pontiac using Sharpie markers. Impressed by what he read, Trevor began toying with the idea of having his Mustang customized in the same way. He eventually got in touch with Chris Dunlop—or Pinstripe Chris, as he is widely known—and that's where it all began.

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At first, the plan was for Chris to freehand Sharpie designs onto just the C-pillars and roof, but upon completion, Trevor wasn't convinced the car looked "finished." The pair agreed the artwork should stretch onto the Kaenen Cobra R-style hood and Saleen spoiler. According to Trevor, twelve Sharpies were used for over 70 hours of work—not because they would run out of ink, but because the points would get dull.

More than satisfied with his Pony's new art, Trevor added some finishing touches, including '03 Cobra front and rear bumpers. Painter Hunter Nester of Keedysville, Maryland, shaved the bumpers smooth and void of lettering. Trevor also purchased iForged Classic three-piece wheels, He had Sam at Tint & Sound Customizing in Frederick, Maryland, tint the windows and install a Memphis Audio stereo system.

"Shortly after the Sharpie art was completed, my wife, Donna, and I drove the car to Ocean City, Maryland, for the annual rod run," Trevor told us. "It rides great and always makes me want to dive into the corners. It even gets good gas mileage as long as I keep my foot out of it."

So what's next for Trevor and his GT? As busy as he is with his young sons—Jacob, Aiden, Carter, and newborn, Camden—Trevor still hopes to make it to the track with his Stang in the very near future to see some quarter-mile times. The car is in need of a new transmission, as the current Tremec T-45 isn't holding up well under the new strain of the supercharger, but Trevor says he'll get to it eventually. "I'm just going to enjoy it and see how fast it can go until it explodes," he says.

After all, as Trevor reminds us, "It's all about the fun of the build." We agree.