Kristian Grimsland
Associate Editor, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords
June 17, 2013

At a young age, I spent most of my time with my grandparents, and I was always interested in playing with my Matchbox and Hot Wheel cars. One day my grandfather asked if I wanted to attend a car show. He had owned a '67 Mustang.

I was only 7 years old and had no idea what a car show even was or what to expect. I agreed, but I remember my grandfather telling me we had to wake up at 5 a.m. to get there early enough to snag a good spot and avoid heavy traffic getting into the show.

We left my grandparents' house in Maine and drove 1.5 hours to the car show site (Bonnie Eagle High car show in Standish, Maine). It is one of the biggest all-makes and models car shows within the New England area. Over 1,000 cars attended back in 1989.

I was shocked at how many cool-looking rides there were. Seeing all these different types of cars was quite a treat. My grandfather taught me everything there was to know about old-school Chevy Bel Airs to high-horsepower muscle cars and everything in between. I was hooked.

After high school, I continued on to college. College was a tough time for me as my grandfather started to get sick. He was always a Mustang fan, and as a special surprise after I graduated college, he rewarded me with the keys to his '67 Stang as a special gift for my accomplishments. I drove the '67 for roughly five years, attending various car shows and cruises. I'm still the proud owner of his '67 and will never forget the good times my grandfather and I shared together.

As I grew older, I knew something had to fill the void for my love of Fox-body Mustangs. I always liked the looks of the Saleens, Cobras, and Pace Cars. I knew once I settled down with my family and bought a house, I could pass on the Mustang tradition.

On May 10, 2011, my wife gave birth to my son. When we got home, I told my wife that I would be actively looking to buy a car for him. Three months later, and after a lot of negotiation with the original owner, I purchased an all-original '93 SVT Cobra with 41,000 miles.

Its entire history was documented and everything was original. It had stock mufflers and tires, and all the VIN tags were in place. I was searching for the red-exterior/black-interior combo for over seven years. It all worked out in the end and happened at the perfect time.

This past summer I entered 12 car shows and placed First in all of them. My wife, my son, and I have enjoyed this car so much this season. We hope to do so at many more to come.

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