Jim Smart
April 21, 2003

If you're a longtime viewer of NBC's legendary Saturday Night Live, you remember the "Mr. Bill Show" with its clay character and the ever-present threat of destruction by the psychotic human hands aptly named Mr. Hand. Ultimately, we'd hear "Oh no, Mr. Bill!" followed by certain death and destruction. It was chaotic comedy that was even spun off into a series of TV ads for a pizza joint. But what if that Mr. Bill had been more like Mr. Bill Dwyer of Medford, Oregon, owner of a classic restomod '68 Mustang hardtop with enough power between the bumpers to squish the errant psycho hand? Things would have been much different.

Why? Because under the louvered hood lie a balanced and blueprinted 351 Cleveland with ported and polished 2V heads, an aggressive roller camshaft, 9.0:1 forged pistons, oiling-system mods; an Edelbrock Performer intake with an Edelbrock 750-cfm carb; and a super-duty cooling system designed for a 428 Cobra Jet. Eric Donnelly of Grants Pass, Oregon, did the port work, which included larger 351 Cleveland-4V valves. When he needs the power, it has enough authority to smack the evil Mr. Hand into next week. We like the engine dress with its Ford Motorsport valve covers and a Cobra air cleaner. As for the rest of the spiff, that's Bill's own custom stainless trim around the engine bay and over the core support.

Bill wanted his Mustang to be anything but normal. As a result, he opted for custom appointments that make his Mustang extraordinary. For one thing, Bill likes his music loud; therefore he has an over-the-top sound system. Inside, there's an Eclipse CD player that channels the vibes through two 200-watt Kicker amps with two 10-inch Kicker subwoofers. Boston 6x9-inch speakers in the rear package shelf take care of the mid and high ranges. Progressive Audio in Medford handled the installation.

Exterior custom features include repetitive taillights--two sets of taillamps on both sides. That's Liberty Blue Mica Pearl basecoat/clearcoat. The rest is flat black and chrome. Chuck Mathis of Chuck's Custom Paint in Roseburg, Oregon, prepped the body and laid down the finish. Northwest Industrial Coatings in White City, Oregon, performed powdercoating. Inside, the interior is a sharp contrast to the rest of the vehicle; it's dead stock with only the tunes and steering wheel (a Grant Mustang unit) to tip off onlookers that there's something afoot with the car's guts.

Underneath, Bill's efforts shine too. KYB gas shocks and heavy-duty springs get the handling on course. Soon, Bill will install front disc brakes. On the ground are American Racing Mantis 15-inch wheels and BFGoodrich Euro T/A radials. Bill will be the first to tell you he wanted a Mustang designed and built his way. We see it this way--he got his way and got there successfully. It causes one to wonder, though: What if Mr. Bill of Saturday Night Live fame had had a ride like Bill Dwyer? We think the story might have been a bit different ... it might have had America saying, "Oh Nooooo, Mr. Hand!"

0305_1z 1968_Ford_Mustang_Hardtop Interior0305_2z 1968_Ford_Mustang_Hardtop Engine0305_3z 1968_Ford_Mustang_Hardtop Front_Passenger_Side0305_5z 1968_Ford_Mustang_Hardtop Wheel0305_6z 1968_Ford_Mustang_Hardtop Steering_Wheel