November 21, 2003

Unlike the exterior, the interior was in relatively good shape save for the floorboards, which had to be replaced. Keeping track of the engine are some Auto Meter gauges that were installed where the air temperature controls once resided. Vince then relocated those controls to the ashtray location and kept them functional. Several billet components from UPR replaced the power window buttons and door handles, while an aftermarket stereo was installed.

Vince took the time to install a rollbar in the Stang. "I knew the body was going to flex with the T-tops," he admits. The rollbar was tied into a set of "monster subframe connectors." With a stiffer chassis, the Stang also handles great, reports the car owner. Vince went on to say, "We planned on doing one major thing a year." With the car getting built last winter, they only upgraded a few engine components at the time of the photo shoot. In the pictures, a Cartech intake manifold is clearly visible, and it is mated to a GT-40 lower. An Accufab 65mm throttle body was also used as part of the induction system. An NOS wet nitrous system adds some more power to the car when Vince needs it.

Exhausting the spent gases are MAC headers and an X-pipe that are attached to Flowmaster mufflers and 2.5-inch tails. Vince and Skip Frizelle of Underdog Performance handled the engine tune up. A Pro 5.0 shifter is used to throw gears in the stock T-5 (which uses a Centerforce clutch). A set of highway-friendly 3.55 gears were installed in the 8.8 rear, and they spin a set of Bullitt wheels with BFGoodrich 275/40/17 Drag Radial tires. Up front, the Bullitt wheels wear BFGoodrich 245/45/17 Comp T/A tires. A set of Ford Racing springs give the car a lower stance.

Shortly after these photos were taken, Vince and Christina picked up a used Ford crate engine from a wrecked Mustang. The 302 came with a B303 camshaft and GT-40P cylinder heads. They also added a C&L mass air meter, 1.72 roller rocker arms, and a set of 4.10 gears. He even made a custom case to hold the roof panels and keep them from bouncing around while the car cruises down the highway. The car's cleanness and uniqueness has earned Vince and Christina three Gold Awards in car shows in addition to the Best in Class at the Spring Spectacular Car Show in Florida.

Misty Teal Varady

03mmfp_01z 1988_ford_mustang_gt Right_front_view
Vince and Christina Mojzak picked up this '88 Mustang GT in a junkyard and turned it into the show car seen here.
03mmfp_03z 1988_ford_mustang_gt Engine_view
Shortly after these photos were taken the stock engine was replaced with a 302 crate engine with a B303 cam and GT-40P heads. The same Cartech upper and GT-40 lower intakes were retained with the new engine combination along with the NOS nitrous system.
03mmfp_05z 1988_ford_mustang_gt Left_front_view
The car has been a lowered a bit with Ford Racing springs and rides on 17-inch Bullitt wheels.
03mmfp_06z 1988_ford_mustang_gt Side_view
Vince Mojzak is smiling because he and his wife, Christina, enjoy the year-round warm weather of Florida, which enables them to drive their Mustang every weekend.
03mmfp_09z 1988_ford_mustang_gt Interior_view
The air controls have been relocated to the ashtray in order to place the Auto Meter gauges in view of the driver.
03mmfp_08z 1988_ford_mustang_gt Front_view03mmfp_02z 1988_ford_mustang_gt Top_view
The only years T-tops were available in the 1987-93 era were 1987 and 1988. It has a hardtop look with the open air feeling.
03mmfp_07z 1988_ford_mustang_gt Right_front_view03mmfp_04z 1988_ford_mustang_gt Left_front_view
The VW paint is officially called "Cyber Green" and it, along with the Cobra body kit and Kennan 3-inch cowl hood, separate this Mustang from the rest of the galloping horses on the streets and in the show car area.
03mmfp_10z 1988_ford_mustang_gt Front_view03mmfp_11z 1988_ford_mustang_gt Right_front_view03mmfp_12z 1988_ford_mustang_gt Front_view03mmfp_13z 1988_ford_mustang_gt Rear_view