Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
August 21, 2012

They called it the Showdown at the Red Rock Corral. Driving into the canyon that forms the natural Tuachan Amphitheatre near St. George, Utah, it was easy to see how the Northern Utah Mustang Owners Association (NUMOA) came up with the name for their Mustang Club of America national show--we were surrounded by 1,500-foot red-rock cliffs. It's such a beautiful place (Tuachan is Mayan for Canyon of the Gods) for a Mustang show that members of the NUMOA, based in Salt Lake City in northern Utah, traveled 300 miles to St. George in southern Utah to host their show there.

Held on April 27-29, the Showdown at the Red Rock Corral attracted over 250 Mustangs and their owners, along with vendors like Marti Autoworks, Shelby American, Mustang Depot, and Scott Drake, for the three-day national MCA event. Of course, there was concours judging for the best Mustangs in the West, plus a Thursday evening reception, Friday Pony Trails, Saturday night barbecue and auction, and Sunday awards ceremony. As a bonus, country music star Martina McBride performed at the Tuachan Amphitheatre, a 3,000-seat concert venue conveniently located at the show site. We noticed there were plenty of people wearing Mustang apparel in the audience.

Of course, there were Mustangs from every era, mainly late-model, as is becoming the case at most Mustang shows these days. However, we found a number of extra-nice vintage feature cars, including Dennis Squire's modified Mach 1 and Alan Morgan's copper-themed '66 fastback, both featured this month. We also discovered Ray Claybrook's 20,000-mile '69 Boss 302, John Johnson's CJ-powered '68 California Special, and John Friden's original-owner '71 Boss 351, so keep an eye for those features in the near future.

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