Jim Smart
December 9, 2010

Salute To Judges
Few are any more committed to excellence than Mustang Club of America show judges. Their only incentive is the accurate preservation of the breed and recognition of a job well done. It's also about attention to craftsmanship for stock and modified Mustangs alike.

Bellevue witnessed a huge turnout of certified MCA show judges who worked hard to judge every Mustang in the concours classes. A great challenge for the MCA is the need for more qualified show judges. If you've restored classic Mustangs and know what you're talking about, the MCA needs you to step up and test for show judging certification.

Understand that being an MCA show judge is the hardest job you will ever love. To be an MCA judge, you must be willing to learn, take constructive criticism, and be willing to work under all kinds of climatic conditions for hours, sometimes days, on end. You must also have a thick hide because people aren't always friendly when you point out areas in needs of improvement. However, you're a hero when they come out on top.

For more information on becoming an MCA certified show judge, go to the MCA's website at www.mustang.org or call 850/438-0626.

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