Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 1, 2009
Photos By: Owner

Purchased in March 1964 when Harrel was 24 years old, the Mustang was his first new car. "I had a wife and 2½-year-old daughter and needed a new car because the one we had was about used up," Harrel recalls. "I had a good job in Montgomery, Alabama, so we went to Hartford where I knew one of the owners of the Ford dealership. I drove a Fairlane 500 and wasn't impressed. Then the owner said he had just gotten some brochures about a new car that Ford was introducing. When I saw the brochure, I salivated all over myself as I ordered a Wimbledon White hardtop with Palomino interior, just like one of the cars pictured in the brochure."

Harrel's Mustang, ordered with a 260 V-8, was built on May 14 for a May 21 delivery. The sticker price was $2,660 but because the dealer knew Harrel and his brothers, he discounted the invoice to $2,440.

Harrel still lives in Montgomery. "The Mustang drove out perfectly when I got it and I've loved it ever since. I had it restored in 1989 and now drive it on special occasions."

Always the Right Car
Marvin Walter was finishing his degree at Iowa State University and had been looking for a new car when he spotted an auto transport truck loaded with new '64½ Mustangs. "One look was all it took to decide what I was going to buy," Marvin says. With graduation looming and his wife expecting, he postponed his purchase. But in June as he drove to his mother-in-law's home after his son's birth, Marvin heard a Ford radio commercial. "They were advertising a promotion of '64 Fords at a local shopping center. The radio announcer advised that they had two Mustangs that had been shipped in by Ford to add attraction to this sales event."

Marvin headed straight to the shopping center. A white Mustang was still on the truck, but beside it sat a red hardtop with black interior, 289, four-speed, and no optional equipment. "It was exactly what I would have ordered," Marvin says. "I bought it on the spot."

The next day, Marvin picked up his wife and son at the hospital in the new Mustang. Two weeks later, he drove it to Seattle to start a new job and career. "The Mustang took me to work every day and also did all the shopping trips and family weekend outings. It served us well over the years, always seeming to be just the right car to meet our changing needs. Both our children learned to drive in it and drove it to high school."

Marvin says the Mustang was repainted in 1984 and the engine rebuilt at 140,000 miles. When he retired after 35 years of service, he drove the Mustang to his last day on the job. After moving to Lawrence, Kansas, Marvin restored the Mustang himself. "It was a relatively easy job because the car had never had any significant body repair work and very little rust. I did much of the body prep work but the paint was professionally done."