Miles Cook
March 1, 2009

If you add up the number of times each of us on this magazine's staff has trekked to Las Vegas to attend the SEMA Show, you'd be looking at more than a half-century of experience. Yeah, we've been to SEMA plenty over the years but the interest is still there. The Mustangs are cool and there's always something new.

Ongoing every year since 1963, the SEMA Show has grown into one of the largest trade shows in the world--for any industry, not just the automotive aftermarket. Now that it's nearly impossible to walk the entire show during the 31 hours that it's open, one now has to focus on one particular facet of the show. And for us, that's Mustangs.

Now five years into S197 production, the excitement for Mustangs continues on both the late-model and vintage side, especially with Dynacorn's introduction of its reproduction '69 fastback body shells. It's easy to see by all the Mustang cars and Mustang parts that interest in Mustangs won't be diminishing anytime soon. And for that we can all be grateful as our favorite car celebrates 45 years of continuous production.