Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
February 27, 2007
Photos By: Paul Rosner

The National Mustang Racers Association rolled into Atco, New Jersey, on August 11-13, 2006, for the sixth event during the NMRA's eight-race season schedule. While the drag racers battled it out on the quarter-mile-after all, there were only two more races to go-the show 'n' shine crowd from around the Northeast piled into Atco Raceway for two days of awards in the Laurel Mountain All-Ford Auto Show.

This '67 fastback was lifting the front tires in the Toyo Tires Open Comp class.

Car Show Results
Best Classic Mustang
1st: Mike DiVigenze - '67 Fastback
2nd: Steven Geraci - '66 Coupe

Best Modern Mustang
1st: Timothy Kolsany - '02 GT
2nd: Vincent Vogler - '05 GT (tie)
2nd: Susan Price - '03 Mach 1 (tie)
2nd: Charles Follari - '03 Mach 1 (tie)

Mike Parrotta's '70 Boss 302 was a winner on Sunday, taking home the Best Shelby or Boss trophy.

Best Daily Driver
1st: Ron Boduck - '05 Mustang GT
2nd: Mike Corselli - '03 Cobra (tie)
2nd: Scott Adams - '93 Lightning (tie)

Popular Vote
Best Body and Paint
1st: Paul Damante - '03 Mustang
2nd: Joe McNamara - '88 GT

Mustang IIs typically face a disadvantage when lumped into the same class as '71-'73 Mustangs. But that was not a problem for Joe Humphrey and his '78 King Cobra. This car was nice enough to take a trophy in the '65-'66 class.

Best Engine
1st: Terry Allen - '93 Mustang LX
2nd: Vincent Vogler - '05 Mustang GT

Best Stance
1st: Stephen Lalena - '03 Mustang GT
2nd: Stephen Mangold - '06 Ford GT

With a focus on late-model Mustang drag racing at NMRA events, it's no surprise to see so many in the Laurel Mountain All-Ford Auto Show as well.

Best '65-'70 Mustang
Frank Carabellese - '65 Fastback

Best '71-'78 Mustang
Joe Humphrey - '78 Mustang II

Best '79-'93 Mustang
Michael Ritchick - '90 LX (tie)
Jesse Houseman - '88 LX (tie)
Terry Allen - '93 LX (tie)

Best '94-'98 Mustang
Jim Miller - '95 GT

Best '88-'04 Mustang
Bill Taylor - '04 Mustang

Best '05-'07 Mustang
Brian Goudreau - '05 GT

Best SVT Mustang
Emil Hibian - '04 Cobra (tie)
Rich Musser - '03 Cobra (tie)

Best Tuner Car
Andrew Grundman - '90 Saleen

Best Shelby or Boss
Mike Parrotta - '70 Boss 302

Best Daily Driver
Mike Galasso - '01 Cobra

Popular Vote
Best Paint
Joe McNamara - '88 GT

Best Engine
Marc Weiner - '86 Mustang GT

Best Stance
Stephen Lalena - '03 Mustang GT

Best of Show
1st: Ken Hollingsworth - '6311/42 Galaxie
2nd: Thomas Clark - '95 Cobra
3rd: Michael Ritchick - '90 Mustang LX

Editor's Choice
With eight events on the '06 NMRA schedule, it's difficult for Mustang Monthly editors to attend every Laurel Mountain All-Ford Auto Show as part of our show sponsorship. We're grateful to photographer Paul Rosner for assisting with our Editor's Choice picks. He picked a good one during the NMRA Ford Nationals at Atco-the '93 Cobra owned by Paul Filipowski from Marlton, New Jersey.

Paul's occupation as an auto detailer shows on his stock and mostly original Cobra, one of 4,993 built, not including the 107 R-models for competition use. Other than a Kenny Brown Performance strut-tower brace added to stiffen the front end, the Vibrant Red Cobra is a shining example of how these special-performance Mustangs were delivered from the factory. The concours-like condition hasn't prevented Paul from a bit of fun on the dragstrip; With its 235hp 5.0-liter engine, the Cobra has run a best of 14.2 seconds at 98.7 mph in the quarter-mile.