Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
February 27, 2007
Photos By: Paul Rosner

The National Mustang Racers Association rolled into Atco, New Jersey, on August 11-13, 2006, for the sixth event during the NMRA's eight-race season schedule. While the drag racers battled it out on the quarter-mile-after all, there were only two more races to go-the show 'n' shine crowd from around the Northeast piled into Atco Raceway for two days of awards in the Laurel Mountain All-Ford Auto Show.

This '67 fastback was lifting the front tires in the Toyo Tires Open Comp class.

Car Show Results
Best Classic Mustang
1st: Mike DiVigenze - '67 Fastback
2nd: Steven Geraci - '66 Coupe

Best Modern Mustang
1st: Timothy Kolsany - '02 GT
2nd: Vincent Vogler - '05 GT (tie)
2nd: Susan Price - '03 Mach 1 (tie)
2nd: Charles Follari - '03 Mach 1 (tie)

Mike Parrotta's '70 Boss 302 was a winner on Sunday, taking home the Best Shelby or Boss trophy.

Best Daily Driver
1st: Ron Boduck - '05 Mustang GT
2nd: Mike Corselli - '03 Cobra (tie)
2nd: Scott Adams - '93 Lightning (tie)

Popular Vote
Best Body and Paint
1st: Paul Damante - '03 Mustang
2nd: Joe McNamara - '88 GT

Mustang IIs typically face a disadvantage when lumped into the same class as '71-'73 Mustangs. But that was not a problem for Joe Humphrey and his '78 King Cobra. This car was nice enough to take a trophy in the '65-'66 class.

Best Engine
1st: Terry Allen - '93 Mustang LX
2nd: Vincent Vogler - '05 Mustang GT

Best Stance
1st: Stephen Lalena - '03 Mustang GT
2nd: Stephen Mangold - '06 Ford GT