Miles Cook
February 27, 2007

A collectible classic right off the showroom floor, the '01 Mustang GT Bullitt is among the coolest factory-built Mustang specials of all time. With clean styling, a quasi-movie-star status, and excellent balanced performance, the Bullitt GT is possibly the best overall SN-95 Mustang produced during the platform's 1994-2004 run, a fact not lost on the passionate "Bullitt Heads" who recently held their fifth Bullitt Nationals.

This time, the Bullitt Nats was truly special, not that the previous shows in Texas, Arizona, Virginia, and Bullitt County, Kentucky-yes, there really is one-weren't fun in their own right. Held in July 2006, the event made a homecoming with festivities taking place in San Francisco, where the classic Steve McQueen movie Bullitt was filmed in 1968. A number of events could take place here that wouldn't be possible anywhere else, such as driving the route where the legendary chase scene took place. This included many of the streets in Knob Hill and Marina areas of San Francisco, as well as Guadalupe Canyon Parkway where the fiery conclusion was filmed in the nearby suburb of Daly City.

Other than that, the big event was the show 'n' shine day, taking place on an unusually hot day for the Bay area. Crystal-clear skies and temperatures well into the 90s had us seeking shade or sneaking into Serramonte Ford's dealership showroom, located in nearby Colma, just south of Daly City.

The '07 show is being planned to coincide with the Mid-America Performance Ford and Shelby Meet in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on June 14-17. Whether event will return to San Francisco remains to be seen. It's too bad in one way, but it's a good idea to have the show in different locations so owners nationwide can participate and share their love for these unique Mustangs.

For more on the '07 Bullitt Nationals or anything Bullitt related, point your Web browser to the International Mustang Bullitt Owners Club at