Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
January 2, 2007
Photos By: Paul Rosner

Editor's Choice: Mike Jones' '70 Boss 302
After perusing the Laurel Mountain Mustang All-Ford Auto Show at Martin, photographer Paul Rosner selected Mike's Jones '70 Boss 302 for Mustang Monthly's Editor's Choice award. It's a fitting honor, seeing how Mustang Monthly is recognized for its long-time coverage of original Mustang musclecars.

However, Mike's Boss from Wyoming, Michigan, is not entirely what it seems. Optioned with most of the famous Boss equipment, such as Magnum 500 wheels, rear spoiler, and slats, the Bright Yellow fastback is detailed to the max, right down to the smog equipment and "Paint OK"stampings, to provide a concours appearance. However, underneath the spotless exterior lies some sneaky mods, including larger sway bars, a Comp Cams hydraulic roller camshaft, exhaust port plates, PerTronix electronic ignition, and a Centerforce dual-friction clutch.

Judging by the examples you see at shows these days, you'd think that every '70 Boss 302 came with the Shaker hoodscoop, but that's not the case, as evidenced by Mike's Shaker-less Boss. Instead, it has the standard hood and air cleaner with chrome lid, which is the way many Boss 302s were equipped from the factory.