Bruce Jones
November 1, 2006

Step By Step

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Saturday, June 17, 2006, started out as a typical summer day in central Pennsylvania. The beautiful countryside surrounding the city of Reading was peaceful until a sudden thunder boom arose from the valley that is home to Maple Grove Raceway. The National Mustang Racers Association was in the house for the 22nd Annual Toyo Tires/Ford Motorsport Nationals.

While race cars blistered the quarter-mile, the Laurel Mountain Mustang All-Ford Auto Show field quickly filled with some of the finest Mustangs and vintage Fords on the NMRA circuit. The hundreds of cars and trucks on display brought on sensory overload for anyone who bleeds Ford blue.

Kudos to the judges who met the challenge of picking winners from a field of cars, all worthy of the coveted NMRA awards. The list of awards for Best Engine, Best Paint, Best Interior, and so on has been augmented this year with the prestigious Mustang Monthly Editor's Choice award. Mustang Monthly and its sister publication, Mustang & Fords, will be following the NMRA show circuit throughout 2006, 2007, and 2008 in search of cars that deserve the Editor's Choice award, which includes a feature article alongside the event coverage.

Have a nice Ford? Bring it and find out if your ride has the stuff to be named Editor's Choice.