Miles Cook
June 17, 2006
Photos By: Wayne Cook, Donald Farr

This past March, the National Mustang Racers Association began its 2006 racing season at Bradenton Motorsports Park near Bradenton, Florida. The season includes a full schedule of concurrent show-and-shine events partially sponsored by Mustang Monthly.

We stopped in at the first race of 2006 to have a look at the crazy 6-second Pro 5.0 and 7-second Super Street Outlaw Mustangs battling it out on the strip. But when the racing action was at a lull, as it usually is between rounds, there was ideal diversion in the form of the neighboring all-Ford car show held each race weekend.

At Bradenton, there were dozens of cool Mustangs to check out, both the vintage and late-model variety. Of course, the impressive scope of vintage Mustangs was a highlight for us, and we expect maybe for you, too. Some of the standouts among the more than 100 cars in attendance are detailed in the photos and captions, and there's also a closer look at our Editors' Choice winner for the show: Richard Bakan's restomod '68 fastback.

For more information on all the NMRA races and simultaneous show-and-shine events throughout the eastern half of the U.S. in 2006, visit or call 714/444-2426.

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