Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
March 5, 2006

Roush also announced that Roush Performance is offering multiple wheel designs for the first time, starting with four different designs for the '05-'06 Mustang. Each wheel from the Roush Wheel Collection is forged from a single block of 6061-T6 aluminum, which is pressed with over 8,000 tons of force to provide optimal strength-to-weight ratio. Using aerospace material and the latest wheel technology, the premium-forged wheels are stronger yet lighter than the factory wheels. Designed and produced in-house, the Roush wheels are chrome-finished and stamped with the Roush logo.

Introducing the '06 Stage 3 Mustang, Roush called it the quickest, fastest, best-handling, and most dramatically styled Mustang in the company's history. To obtain its 417 hp, the new Stage 3 is equipped with a Roots-style ROUSHcharger system with an intercooler, high-flow fuel injectors, an all-new aluminum intake manifold, exclusive calibration, and a performance-tuned exhaust system.

"We also went the extra mile on suspension tuning," said Joe Thompson, general manager of Roush Performance. "We've always been known for horsepower, but with the Stage 3 Mustang, enthusiasts are going to take notice of our handling and suspension dynamics." The Roush Performance handling package, which includes front and rear coil springs, front and rear stabilizer bars, front struts, and rear shocks, allows the Stage 3 Mustang to achieve a lateral acceleration of over 1g on a skidpad.

The Stage 3 Mustang also includes an aerodynamic body kit consisting of front fascia, a hoodscoop, rocker moldings, quarter-window louvers, a chin spoiler, rear fascia, and a rear wing. It comes with Roush leather interior and performance gauges.

For more information on the Roush 451R FE engine, Roush Wheel Collection, and the '06 Stage 3 Mustang, or for a list of Roush distributors, visit

Scott Drake's Resto Row
You could hardly walk three feet without running into an '05-'06 Mustang at the SEMA Show, but over in the Restoration Marketplace, older vehicles were the primary focus. At the Scott Drake Mustang Parts booth, we found plenty of new products for '65-'73 Mustangs: '69-'70 woodgrain door panel inserts, both teak and walnut; '67-'68 hood-vent inserts, with or without sequential turn-signal indicators; Magnum 500 wheel centercaps; '65-'70 coil brackets, either stainless steel or black; '65-'70 glovebox lock; lights and reflector for '65-'66 Pony door panels, '70 Mach 1 exhaust tips, '65-'66 GT exhaust trumpet with straight 2-1/2-inch inlet for custom exhaust applications; '67-'68 deluxe door-panel light, '70 rear deck prop for cars equipped with a spoiler; '65-'66 brake warning light; metal door-panel pulls for '69-early-'70 Deluxe doors; C4 dipstick filler tube in zinc or black; and '65-'66 Rally-Paks with digital instruments. Scott Drake ( has also introduced his own line of Mustang interior paint and vinyl dye.