Jeff Ford
August 1, 2003
Contributers: Jeff Ford, The Archives Photos By: The Archives

Is it just us, or are we doing a lot of trails this year? We amped up the trail mix in celebration of Mustang Monthly's 25th Anniversary. But the nice thing is that you get more opportunities to run with us. So far, the trails have been spread far and wide across the United States. We've seen Florida (twice), Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Washington. Now we're headed for the wilds of Utah (see last month's issue), Georgia, and Nevada (in November, so we'll preview it next month). The last three trails of the season promise to be fun and full of neat Mustangs. We can't wait to have all of you trailing behind us.

Next up is the Pony Trail at the Mustang Club of America's Peach State Grand National Mustang Show August 28-31 at the Augusta, Georgia, Richmond County Civic Center, with the trail on Friday the 29th. We attended this event when it was national, and we have to say Augusta is a beautiful place for a show. The local Central Savannah River Area Mustang Club is a great bunch that seems to have fun at whatever they do. We like that there are indoor and outdoor show areas.

For more information about the show, contact Keith Hazelrigs at 706/556-3755 or James Aldridge at 706/854-9597.

The TrailPony Trails date: Friday, August 29, 2003Pony Trails cost: FreeRegistration cost: None for the Trail!Departure time: 9 a.m.; drivers' meeting 8:30 a.m.Start location: Augusta Richmond County Civic Center, 712 Telfair St., Augusta,GA 30901; 706/823-6672End location: Augusta Richmond County Civic CenterTrail boss: Jeff Ford, 863/644-0449;

Trail DirectionsFrom the Civic Center, go northwest on Telfair St. Just after Ellis St., Telfair will turn into 14th St. Stay on 14th to Reynolds St. At Reynolds, turn left and jump onto the River Watch Pkwy., and remain on it until State Rd. 28 (Fury's Ferry Rd.). At S.R. 28, exit the parkway and head northwest again on S.R. 28. Cross over into South Carolina on S.R. 28, and run until you hit U.S. Hwy. 221, heading northwest on 221 until McCormick, where you'll turn right on U.S. Hwy. 378. Go almost due east for roughly 30 miles until you reach Saluda, where you'll turn right onto U.S. Hwy. 178 and head toward Batesburg-Leesville. Stay on 178 until you hit I-20, and head west back to Augusta. Leave the interstate at exit 200 (River Watch Pkwy.), and take the parkway until it turns into Jones St. Turn left onto 14th St., which becomes Telfair. Take Telfair back to the Civic Center for the end of the trail.