Jeff Ford
September 1, 2002
Contributers: Jeff Ford, The Mustang Monthly Archives Photos By: The Mustang Monthly Archives

Last month we posted that we'll be at the Grand National and ready to drive. Hopefully, our '90 LX will have a new engine and, therefore, a new attitude to wear at the track and on the road. We are supremely pumped up about this show and trail. For one thing, we enjoyed the Commerce 30th Anniversary show this last year. Drag racing, noise, and Mustangs seem to go together like peas and carrots. The same goes for open track. Our first experince with this phenomenon was at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 1994; we were thrilled as Mustangs of all vintages blasted their way around the track. This event promises just as much fun as the first one, only this time we hope to be driving out there amongst all of you.

As for the Trail, the story is like this so far: Indy is in the lead with 109 Mustangs on the trail, Ocala is in second place with 104, and Carlisle is up from last year into third with 89. We'd like to see the Grand National top out with at least 90 cars. The only way that will happen is with your help and support. Remember, it costs you nothing but a day off of work, and we all know that work is really overrated. Right? Riiiight.

The TrailAugust 29-September 1MCA Grand NationalLowe's Motor SpeedwayPony Trails: August 30 Cost: Free (outside of your gas and food bill that is)Registration: NoneDeparture time: 8:30 a.m. Drivers meeting 8:00 a.m.Start Location: Lowe's Motor Speedway, 5555 Concord Pkwy. S., Concord, NC 28027Trail Boss: Jeff Ford 863/644-0449 or e-mail: Show contacts: Carol Barker at 704/542-8093 and, Pat Suddeth at 704/455-1232, or Betty O'Neal at 704/0474-5929 and

Concord, North CarolinaMCA Grand NationalThe Route:We will leave the Lowe's Motor Speedway parking lot (marked with a sign) and head northeast on State Road 49. We'll pass through Mount Pleasant and Richfield on our run through the scenic North Carolina countryside. At State Road 109 we'll turn left onto 109 and head southeast through the Uwharrie National Forest and pass through Eldorado and Uwharrie on our way to Troy. At Troy we may stop for lunch-depending on the size of the town and the size of our group. From the rally point in Troy we'll head southwest on State Road 109 through Wadeville to Mount Gilead. At Mount Gilead we turn right onto State Road 73 and head northwest to Almermarle. After a brief pit stop in Albermarle, we continue on until we reach State Road 49 again where we turn left and head back to the speedway for our final drivers meeting.

241 Cars on Grand Rapids Pony Trail!Ron Stratton and the members of the West Michigan Mustang Club pulled out all the stops and managed to amass 241 Ford-powered cars at their Pony Trail on Sunday, June 9th. "I was expecting around 100 cars," said a stunned Ron Stratton at the end of the event. What was really cool was that 237 of these cars were Mustangs. The rest were scattered across the Ford gamut. Indeed, we had nearly as many cars for the Trail as we had at the show on Saturday.

How long was the line? We have no qualifying information on that; however, we do know it took 35 minutes to park all the cars on the field at the Gillmore Museum.

So, as of this writing the folks at Grand Rapids are the only ones to come close, and even beat, the Mustangs Northwest gang for Pony Trails. Of course, we still have the Seattle show to go. Who knows what will happen.