Jeff Ford
May 1, 2001
Photos By: From The Mustang Monthly Archives

Directions For The Trail:
From the lodge we'll head down to the picnic area to queue up for the actual trail. From the park we'll head right onto S.R. 46. At I-65 we'll turn left and head north approximately 20 miles to exit 90, then turn right onto S.R. 44. We'll stay on S.R. 44 to Shelbyville, where we'll stop-just because it's Shelbyville. We'll regroup on the east side of town after a 30 minute stop, then make the short run to I-74. At I-74 we'll turn southeast and run the interstate for about 18 miles to exit 134, where we'll get off and go down to Greenburg. We'll be there for about 30 minutes, then we'll regroup on the west side of town for the next leg of our trail. From Greenburg we'll head out on S.R. 46 and pass through Hartsville and Petersville. At Columbia we'll stop for lunch and spend 111/42 hours here. We will regroup on the west side near where U.S. Hwy. 31 and S.R. 11 intersects with S.R. 46. We'll jump on S.R.11 briefly before the homestretch on westbound S.R. 46. Whew! We hope the trail runs easier than the directions.

Up Next!
Carlisle All-{{{Ford}}} Nationals
When: June 1-3
Trail Date: Friday, June 1
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Starting Point: {{{CJ}}} Pony Parts
Harrisburg, PA
Ending Point: Carlisle All-Ford

Since we have limited space this month, we're going to discuss only our starting and ending points. Like last year, we're going to start at CJ's and end at Carlisle. How we get there is something you'll have to wait to read about in next month's issue.

Every year the cars and parts at Carlisle seem to get better and better. The show itself is a footsore affair that will have you finding what you need somewhere out in the multitudinous vendors. Hey, if we can find a new old stock '72 Deluxe ginger door panel, you can find what you need there too.

{{{Rocky}}} Mountain {{{Mustang}}} Roundup
When: June 14-17
Trail Date: Friday, June 15
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Starting Point: Harris Hotel
3302 Main St.
  Steamboat Springs, CO
Ending Point: Harris Hotel
3302 Main St.
Steamboat Springs, CO

Our starting and ending points are the same for this trail. In between, there will be nothing but the beauty of Colorado, enhanced by the sexy Mustangs that you all will bring. Can't wait!

From what we've heard, we missed a great time last year. This year we plan to not miss anything. With more than 375 cars at last year's show, we expect to see even more of you folks out this year. With beautiful scenery all around and a great trail, anywhere a road runs, we're bound to have a great time. Hmm, wonder if I could sneak the rental into the autocross this year...

The Pony Trail 2001 and/or Mustang Monthly cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury that you might incur along the drive. Should you choose to follow us in our drive, you are solely responsible for what may occur to you or your car. We cannot know how many cars will attend and therefore cannot easily predict the times that we will reach our stops along the way. It is best-and the most fun-to join up at the start and run the trail from there.