Jeff Ford
January 1, 2001
Photos By: The Mustang Monthly Archives

Oddly, at this event, the only day it didn't rain was Friday-the day of the trail. Our concerns about weather were founded in the fact that forecasters had predicted sloppy, nasty weather all weekend. As far as we were concerned, they were right-right up to Friday morning and, indeed, after we returned to the hotel. Lazarus made the trip to Raleigh and was scheduled to lead the trail; however, it was decided that a drive in potential rain was too much to ask of the owner. Of course, we did have boatloads of fun. Junior Deese was gracious enough to open his home to 60-plus people and allow us to take a break at his place. He fed us and even entertained us with a smoky burnout from his Cobra kit car. Of course, we had to do the same in our Lightning lead truck. We also missed our offramp exit while snapping photos of one of the cars, so we had to take a detour. Luckily, a local was with us and took us on a scenic tour of some North Carolina backroads. Aside from the small, out-of-route experience, the trail went well.

The show was an outstanding success with 420 cars coming from all over the U.S. The concours area was chockful of Mustangs of every stripe, color, and style. Of course, Lazarus, Project '66, and Project '68 were in attendance as well. We even had departing Head MCA Judge Ricky Simmons go over our '72 with a fine-tooth comb for the lead story. All in all, the weekend was fun and well worth the trip. We would heartily recommend a Grand National experience to any Mustanger.

Last But Not Least
September 2000
Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina
Mustang Club of America Grand National
35 Mustangs, 1 F-350 pickup
Weather: 70s-80s, sunny

Well, that is what it was. Now on to what it will be. Below is a list of the shows that we will be centering our trails around and the months in which the shows will take place.

Month of Show Name of Show Location
January Silver Springs Ocala, Florida
March Cherry Blossom Festival Macon, Georgia
May SAAC Spring Fling Nashville, Indiana
June All-{{{Ford}}} Nationals Carlisle, Pennsylvania
{{{Rocky}}} Mountain Mustang Roundup Steamboat Springs, {{{Colorado}}}
July Mustangs Northwest Bellevue, Washington
September 25th Anniversary MCA Atlanta, Georgia