Jeff Ford
January 1, 2001
Photos By: The Mustang Monthly Archives

Our trail began at CJ Pony Parts in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with 70 cars. Once again, we surprised the owners with a turnout that eclipsed what they anticipated-we like doing that. The trail was, as usual, in the state of Pennsylvania-a visual treat. For the history buff in us, Gettysburg was particularly impressive and poignant. It was truly awesome to look out over those fields and think of the cost in lives that place had exacted. After Gettysburg, we moved on into Carlisle for the show.

As we have said before, if you can't find it at Carlisle, you may be out of luck. Let's face it, we found a new old stock Ginger door panel for the Lazarus Project at this show and swap. The field was full of vintage and late-model Mustangs, and we think that every year the late-model field grows more and more. As shows go, this one-along with Silver Springs-is an annual favorite.

Trails, trails, and more trails
June 2000
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Carlisle All-Ford Nationals
70 Fords
Weather: 70s-80s, sunny

Well, we haven't ever had a show yet that we couldn't attend-until this one. It wasn't for not trying. We arrived at the airport on time; however, weather in Denver cancelled the flight. Someone standing in line said that the flight crew had not shown up that morning-grrr. Even so, after a sad call to Bill Bruhn, we made arrangements for Jerry Malone to lead the trail. Jerry must have done a good job because we received no complaints. In fact, the only complaint that we have is that we weren't able to be there so that Jerry could go about his real job as a show committee member. We owe Jerry and the folks from the show a debt of gratitude and thanks for jumping in and saving the day.

Friday during the time of our trail, the RMMR was holding a closed-course driving event that saw 120 drivers competing. The Saturday show netted 372 Mustangs and loads of fun in the fresh mountain air-and Sunday's Father's Day brunch and awards made for a full weekend. We hate that we could not be there, and by that fact, we plan to run the Pony Trail again (the first time for us), then stay around for the show on Saturday and brunch on Sunday. We hope that you will make a point to be there!

North And West
June 2000
Steamboat Springs, Colorado
The Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup
32 Mustangs
Weather: 70s-80s, sunny

The Big One
July 2000
Bellevue, Washington
Mustangs Northwest Roundup
212 Mustangs
Weather: 70s-80s, sunny

Wow! In the words of a friend from Houston, Texas, "We've been to three goat ropin's and four county fairs, and we ain't never seen nothin' like this!" The folks who organize this event for us every year do a bang-up job. We don't know if it is the weather or what, but our trail that left from Bellevue Community College had as many cars as the show in Macon! To see 212 Mustangs zooming around Seattle and the beautiful countryside surrounding the bay was awesome. When we stopped for fuel and snacks, several people asked us what was going on. One lady, who lived next to the road, set up a lawn chair to watch the "parade," as she called it. We chatted as we waited for the traffic light to turn green. She seemed impressed when we told her that there would be another 100 Mustangs coming up behind us.

The show, as usual, was equally impressive. More than 1,300 Mustangs and a smattering of other Ford products filled the Bellevue Community College parking areas to the point that it looked as though school was in session. Thursday saw open-track events at Seattle International Raceway, Friday we held the trail, Saturday there was a Mustang Club of America Concours event, and Sunday the popular vote show took place. Whew!