Mark Houlahan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
October 1, 2007

And the Winner Is...
For a complete list of winners from the '07 Carlisle All-Ford Nationals, more event photos, and details about upcoming Carlisle events, check out the Web site at

This Way to the Show
The All-Ford Nationals are held every June at the Carlisle Fairgrounds. Carlisle is a historical town in its own right and a stone's throw from battlefields, Hershey Park, and more. Access to the Carlisle area is easily made from the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76), Rte. 34, and Rte. 81. Visitors from New York; Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia; Pittsburg; Baltimore; and places farther can easily reach the fairgrounds via these routes. Carlisle and surrounding locales have plenty of hotel rooms and camp sites (there's limited camping available on the Carlisle Fairgrounds as well). For more information on visiting the Carlisle Fairgrounds and surrounding areas, go to


Mufp_0710_11_z Carlisle_all_ford_nationals Ford_concept_vehicles
Mufp_0710_12_z Carlisle_all_ford_nationals 2008_ford_F150
Mufp_0710_13_z Carlisle_all_ford_nationals Classic_fords
Mufp_0710_14_z Carlisle_all_ford_nationals Bud_moore
Mufp_0710_18_z Carlisle_all_ford_nationals David_pearson
Mufp_0710_15_z Carlisle_all_ford_nationals Restored_vehicles
Mufp_0710_16_z Carlisle_all_ford_nationals Ford_parts
Mufp_0710_17_z Carlisle_all_ford_nationals Vintage_collectibles
Mufp_0710_19_z Carlisle_all_ford_nationals Autoworks_racing
Mufp_0710_20_z Carlisle_all_ford_nationals Torino
Mufp_0710_21_z Carlisle_all_ford_nationals Burnout_competition
Mufp_0710_22_z Carlisle_all_ford_nationals 1969_mustang_mach_1