Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 1, 2007
Mike Tootle is the owner of this uber-clean '68 coupe. It takes a lot of work to make a dark-colored paint job look this good. We love the Shelby scoop-style hood, too. The main static car display is held at Road Atlanta.

As is the norm during the heavy show season, there's a lot of calendar shuffling to figure out just what events we can fit in without getting a divorce or forgetting what the kids look like. Not to mention this magazine doesn't run itself, so there's got to be time in the office between jaunts across the country in germ-infested airplanes. It's tough, because we really do want to stop in and see all the shows we get invited to, but we simply don't have the time, personnel, or budget to do so.

We've been big fans of Year One's events for some time. The company of car fanatics really enjoys playing amongst the rest of us. After all, how often do you get to see custom-built cars from magazines, TV shows, music videos, major motion pictures and more, let alone maybe even get a ride in one? That's just how Year One does things, with the hobby and the people who support it in mind. Sure, the staff sells parts to put food on their tables, but the Year One Experience (not to mention its monthly cruise nights and other events) is all about supporting the hobby.

What helps put the Year One show on our must-attend event list every year is the same reason for you to check it out yourself, and that's the company's mentality of family togetherness. The annual Year One Experience is a family event with something for everyone to enjoy, including static car displays, drag racing, parade laps, auto crossing, vendor displays, kids' play areas, and so much more. For the past several years, the folks at Year One have presented its event on the grounds of Road Atlanta and Atlanta Dragway, and the event just keeps getting more and more popular.

While Year One's Ford product line is one of its newer offerings, there are always several sweet rides that catch our attention when we come for a visit. Maybe we'll see you out there next year with your own classic Ford. Bring your family for the fun, too-that's what we do.