Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
August 1, 2007

Totally Stainless Total-Loc Header Bolts
If you've ever opened the hood of your classic Ford to find a header bolt missing (and the rest just finger-tight), then you know what a pain in the gasket header bolts can be to keep tight. It takes only a few loose bolts to blow out a gasket and embarrass you at the local cruise scene-or worse, hurt your engine. Forget the gimmicks, the clips, the safety wire, and all that, and swap out your current bolts for these new Total-Loc header bolts (PN 6-5599; $66.50) from Totally Stainless [; (800) 767-4781]. Made from stainless steel, they feature Nord-Lock washers that are captured on the bolt. After the fastener is tightened, the ramping action of the washers creates a lock, preventing the loosening of the fastener by vibration (they can be removed with hand tools) because the ramp angle is steeper than the thread pitch of the fastener.

We were so impressed with the demo, we took a set of them back with us to install on our FFR Cobra replica project.

Unisteer Performance Products
'60-'65 Falcon/Comet Rack-And-Pinion Steering
While new products are typically developed for Mustangs, they are sometimes used on other Fords if the fit is similar. This is the case with Unisteer Performance Products [; (800) 338-9080]. After the company came out with its Mustang manual rack-and-pinion conversion kit two years ago, it looked at other Ford markets and has now released its latest rack-and-pinion conversion kit for the '60-'65 Falcon and Comet. Available in both manual and power-steering versions (and black powdercoat or chrome brackets), the rack-and-pinion kit is a bolt-in system that comes complete with all hardware, such as tie-rod ends and steering shafts. Prices start at $1,200.

Stainless Steel Brakes Corp. Combo Master Cylinder
Leave it to the mad scientists at Stainless Steel Brakes [; (800) 448-7722] to come up with a one-stop-shopping solution that solves several problems at once when building a custom braking system. SSBC's new Combo master cylinder features a billet-aluminum, oval-bowl, master cylinder compatible with disc/drum or disc/disc applications. It includes a built-in adjustable proportioning valve to adjust rear-brake bias at the master cylinder. The Combo master cylinder also incorporates a built-in brake-light switch, alleviating switch problems when using custom pedal assemblies or aftermarket wiring harnesses. SSBC's Combo master cylinder retails for $529.

Ford Family Honored
On March 2, 2007, during the HRR's Grand Opening Breakfast cosponsored by Meguiars, the Petersen Automotive Museum and Hotrod & Restoration honored the Ford family as the recipient of the 2007 Robert E. Petersen Lifetime Achievement Award. Edsel B. Ford ll, a true car enthusiast, was on hand to accept the award on behalf of the Ford family. This is the first time the award has been given to an entire family instead of one individual. And there could be no more fitting family member to represent the Ford family than Edsel B. Ford ll, as it was his grandfather, Edsel B. Ford-son of Henry Ford-that designed the '32 Ford, commonly called the "Deuce." The '32 Ford is what the hot-rod market was built on.

Edsel Ford (left) shares one of his stories with Barry Meguiar during the Hotrod & Restoration Grand Opening breakfast.

After accepting the Petersen award from Petersen Automotive Museum Director Dick Messer, Edsel had a public chat with Car Crazy host and detailing authority Barry Meguiar. The conversation ran from Ford's financial situation (and Edsel didn't sugarcoat it), to memories of his father and grandfather, cars he's owned, and the juvenile diabetes foundation he champions. Finally, Edsel signed a '32 Deuce pedal car that was to be auctioned at the HRR show.

Previously honored recipients include Wally Parks, Carroll Shelby, George Barris, Vic Edelbrock, and Andy Granatelli.