Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
August 1, 2007
Photos By: Paul Rosner
We spotted Mitchell McDaniel piloting this sharp-looking '69 SportsRoof in the ET brackets. Mitchell's Mustang easily yanked the tires with its Hardway Speed Shop-built 514 big-block underhood. The 514 features CNC-ported Super Cobra Jet heads topped by an Edelbrock intake and a Holley Dominator carb. Of course, the Compucar fogger nitrous kit doesn't hurt, either. To date, Mitchell has run a best of 8.90 at 153 mph.

Making its second stop of its '07 event series, the NMRA hit the ground running for the 7th Annual Bassani Xhaust NMRA Ford Nationals held at the Silver Dollar Raceway in Reynolds, Georgia, on March 30-April 1. With the weekend weather spotty, the NMRA crew hustled to keep the event flowing, the cars going down the track, and the spectators interested. But you can't change Mother Nature. On Sunday afternoon, as the racers were heading into their final rounds, the skies opened up and washed away the remnants of a great weekend. The racers have to finish their final rounds at an upcoming event.

While the impending weather surely kept some show participants at home, there was still a sizable number of vehicles in the Laurel Mountain All-Ford Show area, although many were late-model Fords. Our roving freelancer, Paul Rosner, had a tough time catching some vintage rides on film, but he helped us pick the Fairlane 500 that won our Editor's Choice award-it was our favorite from the moment we laid eyes on it.

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Mustang & Fords
Editor's Choice Award
Tony Evens, Powder Springs, Georgia
'67 Fairlane 50
Over the last year or so, we've seen Tony's wicked Fairlane at several Florida and Georgia events and have always admired the car's stance, looks, and of course, that huge blown Boss 429 powerplant under the hood. When you see a car like this at a show, well, the engine alone is enough to stop a 5-year-old-or a 65-year-old-dead in his or her tracks, mouth agape. If you want attention and like answering the same questions over and over again at every event you attend with your ride, then build something like this.

Tony built the Boss 429 engine himself, but the 429ci displacement apparently wasn't enough for him, as he poked and stroked the big-block to a massive 540 cubes. Closing in on 600 ci, the Fairlane would surely be able to get out of its own way, but Tony didn't want to take any chances and slapped a BDS 8-71 supercharger onto the Boss-9 engine. Of course "slapped" is used loosely here, as it took a custom, owner-modified Weiand intake to mate the two (because Boss speed parts don't grow on trees, ya' know). Atop the blower is a deuce of 1050 Holley Dominators doing their best to keep those huge holes filled with the proper air/fuel mixture.

To fit the bad-to-the-bone big-block between the towers, Tony converted to a Mustang II-style front-suspension setup with coilover shocks to adjust ride height. Out back, a ladder bar-style four-link helps the 9-inch hook when the 4:11 gears try to turn the Nitto 555R Drag Radials into patches of rubber dust. The Wimbledon White beauty certainly has it all-beauty and brawn. This is one Fairlane we wouldn't want to see in the rearview mirror.

Tony cleaned up at the Laurel Mountain All-Ford Auto Show with awards on Saturday for Top 20 Ford, First Place in Best Ford Muscle Classic, a Director's Choice award, Best Engine award, and of course, our own Editor's Choice award. On Sunday, he received another Top 20 Ford award, as well as one for Best Race Car & Pro Street.