Mark Houlahan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
June 25, 2007

Every year as Old Man Winter makes the trek across the country, classic Fords are put away for their seasonal slumber and aren't seen again until spring. As the last car shows and cruise nights of 2006 dwindle away in early fall, most everyone turns their concentration to the holidays; traveling, shopping, decorating the house, and holiday parties take up the majority of our time. But there are many of us who can't wait to hear the sound of a Ford starter spinning, signaling it's time to head out for the spring show and cruise circuit.


0705_mufp_01_z Silver_springs_roundup Family
0705_mufp_02_z Silver_springs_roundup 66_mustang
0705_mufp_03_z Silver_springs_roundup 69_mustang

That's exactly how the Silver Springs Mustang & Ford Roundup got its start 13 years ago. People from various Mustang clubs across Florida couldn't wait until February or March to hit their first show, so they started holding one in January in Central Florida. Over the years, the show has grown steadily, with attendance records broken each year, and it's now looked upon as the event to start the East Coast car-show season. It doesn't hurt that the fine folks at National Parts Depot (with corporate headquarters in neighboring Ocala, Florida) came to the show several years ago with the generous offer of paying for the first 1,000 registrations, which include two tickets to the Silver Springs attraction.

This year, we were once again on hand to see all the great rides at the Silver Springs Mustang & Ford Roundup. Many people like to use the Silver Springs show as a debut location for their latest project build completed over the winter, so we always see plenty of great, new rides every year. Unlike last year, when it was quite brisk and jackets were the norm, the '07 show had mostly fine weather. Although there was a short rain shower Saturday afternoon that had people clamoring to roll up windows, the rest of the weekend was beautiful. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have one of Florida's most natural and historic backgrounds for a show site, either.


0705_mufp_04_z Silver_springs_roundup 68_mustang
0705_mufp_05_z Silver_springs_roundup Restomod_shelby
0705_mufp_06_z Silver_springs_roundup Pace_car

Next year's show will be January 12-13, 2008, with a Mustang Monthly Pony Trail on Friday, January 11. There will also be a portable dyno available at NPD's showroom on Friday for anyone who wants to see how well his or her car performs. So come on down to see the sights of Silver Springs and the 1,000-plus classic Fords, Mercurys, trucks, and more. Just be sure to check the weather first and pack lots of film, batteries, and comfortable shoes. We'll see you there!

Photo Gallery

0705_mufp_07_z Silver_springs_roundup 66_fastback
0705_mufp_08_z Silver_springs_roundup Truck_row
0705_mufp_09_z Silver_springs_roundup 63_f100
0705_mufp_10_z Silver_springs_roundup Cougars
0705_mufp_11_z Silver_springs_roundup 65_falcon
0705_mufp_12_z Silver_springs_roundup 65_fairlane
0705_mufp_13_z Silver_springs_roundup 65_cobra
0705_mufp_14_z Silver_springs_roundup Sleep
0705_mufp_15_z Silver_springs_roundup Vendors

Photo Gallery

0705_mufp_16_z Silver_springs_roundup 65_mercury
0705_mufp_17_z Silver_springs_roundup 73_comet
0705_mufp_18_z Silver_springs_roundup Awards
0705_mufp_19_z Silver_springs_roundup 57_sedan
0705_mufp_23_z Silver_springs_roundup Sedan_engine
0705_mufp_20_z Silver_springs_roundup Winner
0705_mufp_22_z Silver_springs_roundup Winner2
0705_mufp_21_z Silver_springs_roundup 66_mustang_fastback
0705_mufp_24_z Silver_springs_roundup Mustang_engine