Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
April 1, 2007
Photos By: Steve Turner
In the Open Comp class, we spotted Steve Gasich of St. Louis, Missouri, pushing his '68 Mustang coupe to the max. The 572-cube big-block got it done until the third round of eliminations when Steve lost to eventual Open Comp finalist Jeff Moses and his late-model Mustang.

It was a banner year for the National Mustang Racer's Association, with every stop of its event schedule jam-packed with racers, show cars, vendors, and of course, attendees. We've enjoyed going to as many events as we could and seeing the variety of Ford muscle on display, both in the race pits and in the Laurel Mountain All-Ford Auto Show sections.

While most of the race cars have been late-models, we did spot several classic Fords in the Open Comp and bracket classes-there were even a few classic Mustangs moving up the ranks to Hot Street and Pro. It's always nice to see an early-model Mustang or Ford yank the front tires clear of the track surface and put some modern iron on the trailer for that long ride back home.

The Laurel Mountain All-Ford show didn't disappoint either. While there were a lot of late-model Mustangs with wild paint schemes and Lambo doors, it was refreshing to see all sorts of classic Fords-from '60s Mustangs to '50s T-birds to '70s modified Mavericks- battling it out on the show side of things. It was no different at the 8th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA World Finals in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the last weekend in September 2006.

Congratulations to all who took home a trophy or race winnings in 2006. We'll see you in Bradenton, Florida, for the '07 season opener.