Wayne Cook
March 1, 2007
Photos By: Mark Houlahan, Manufacturers
Bobby Alloway's Hot Rod Shop built this unbelievable '67 fastback that was on display at the DuPont Hot Hues paint display. The fastback is powered by a Ford modular four-cam engine with twin Turbonetics turbos and puts out 839 hp.

Each year during the first week of November, the Specialty Equipment Market Association holds its annual trade show in Las Vegas. Otherwise known as the SEMA show, the convention is a gathering of manufacturers, exhibitors, and buyers representing all sectors of the automotive industry. Just about everybody was there, from the Big Three all the way down to the fuzzy-dice vendors.

Some years it seems as if we have to turn over many stones to find new products that are applicable to the classic Ford performance and styling market. That was not the case this year, however, as there were new things for old cars everywhere we turned, including several pro-built classic Mustangs in display booths.

Classic Fords are hot, and everybody wants a piece of the action. Take a stroll with us through the huge convention halls, and we'll stop at some of the more interesting things we saw at the show.