Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
February 19, 2007
Photos By: Paul Rosner

The 6th Annual NMRA Ford Nationals, sponsored by Downs Ford Motorsports, kicked off last August at Atco Raceway in Atco, New Jersey. The beautiful weather held out for the entire weekend, giving the record crowd plenty of action both on the track and at the Laurel Mountain Mustang All-Ford Auto Show. While Atco's NMRA event is usually known for sweltering heat, this year's event was a pleasant change for racers, show attendees, and spectators.

We were lucky to have freelancer Paul Rosner cover our bases with his trusty digital SLR. So check out the coverage and come back for the final two events of the series in upcoming issues.

The Laurel Mountain Mustang All-Ford Auto Show featured a ton of cars from just about every decade over the past 60 years. Two clean examples of '60s Ford (and Mercury) power included James Clour's '67 Fairlane GT hardtop and his friend David Garron's '67 Cougar GT hardtop. James' Fairlane sports FE power with 390 ci under the hood, backed by a trusty Top Loader four-speed. With the help of some Edelbrock goodies (cam, intake, and carb) and worked iron heads, James' Fairlane has seen 12.50s at 105 mph on the quarter-mile. David's Cat shares a similar driveline with another 390 FE, though he uses a Comp Cam, an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, and a 780-cfm Demon carb. His trans is a C6, and he's right at James' back door with his own 12.55 at 107 mph.