Jim Smart
February 19, 2007
Photos By: Mark Houlahan

Barber gave enthusiasts a 2.38-mile road course to play on. Steve McCarley, show chairman, says over 1,500 Mustangs participated down the straights and around the apexes at Barber. Pony Trails, a special driving event pioneered by former Mustang & Fords Editor Jeff Ford, was staged at the MCA's 30th Anniversary bash, funneling more than 200 Mustangs from Barber to the city of Homewood. In Homewood, Mustangs shut down the town, lining up for thousands of people to see. Call it three solid blocks of Mustangs at the invitation of Homewood city officials. Locals loved it.

Like every landmark event in the MCA's history, the 30th was a show to remember and treasure because it represented survival, fellowship, and continuing success. It's a fitting tribute to the club that launched Mustang Mania II in the mid-'70s-a burning passion for these cars that has yet to find an end.