Wayne Cook
February 8, 2007
Photos By: Mark Houlahan

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Sometimes it seems a shame that the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas, Nevada isn't open to the public. As a trade show the SEMA event showcases newly introduced items that are often kept top secret until the last moment. Exhibitors don't want anyone to foul up the timing of an introduction or steal the thunder from their latest masterpiece. Hence the exhibits are strictly off limits to public scrutiny and security personnel at the Las Vegas Convention Center check identification at every juncture.

The truth is that the enormous halls are jammed to the doorways with new and exciting products for the entire automotive aftermarket industry. The manufacturers often need a vehicle to show off their wares and it's these cars that the public would certainly enjoy. There's also a lot of history on display at the SEMA show every year and vintage a Ford enthusiast could spend days surveying all of the beautiful exhibits. The vintage cars are growing in popularity more now than ever before and this is one reason why some manufacturers, Ford included, have new versions of classic models that harken back to the high performance days of yore.

SEMA is also a showcase for the newest and most radical custom cars around and these creative efforts were everywhere we turned at the week long gear head gathering. There was also an increased emphasis on high performance engines with Ford, Roush, World and others leading the way in the development of new technology. What's old is truly again new as reproduction Mustang bodies, killer FE engine combinations and enlarged versions of famous OE factory wheels abound. Come along with us for a stroll through the SEMA halls and we'll have a look at some of the best that the 2006 SEMA convention had to offer.