Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
December 22, 2006
Photos By: Paul Rosner

Mustang & Fords Editor's Choice Award
Peter Beeke, '66 Fairlane, Kalamazoo, Michigan
When photographer Paul Rosner spotted Peter Beeke's Fairlane in Laurel Mountain Mustang's All-Ford show section, he knew it was perfect for the coveted Mustang & Fords Editor's Choice Award. Sporting a 7-liter powerplant under the hood, cool classic-period Cragar mags, and all sorts of polished, painted, and detailed goodies, Peter's Fairlane is a throwback to the musclecar era. No further proof is necessary once you've peeked inside. With an Auto Meter classic tach on the steering column and a Hurst shifter to row the four-speed, this is one potent machine we're sure Peter can't wait to get in and put his foot to wood any chance he gets.

Peter has the "show and go" setup down pat. With 427 cubes of "go" on the inside and polished gleaming "show" on the outside, he takes home his share of trophies in the cavernous trunk of the Fairlane. The Martin NMRA event was no different when Peter walked away on Saturday with awards including Top 20 Ford, First Place for Best Ford Muscle Classic,and our Editor's Choice. On Sunday, Peter came back for another Top 20 Ford award as well as Best Fairlane, Falcon, Maverick, and Second Place Best of Show. Wow, he might need the back seat to take all those awards home-and that was just one show!