Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 11, 2006

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Probably one of the most interesting and talked-about cars of the show was this ultra-rare '64 Galaxie 500. A Z-code 390, it was purchased new by Zachary Reynolds, grandson of tobacco heir R.J. Reynolds. Zachary loved powerful cars and owned Hemis, 427 Fords, Cobras, Shelbys, and big-block Corvettes. But the 390 just didn't do it for him. First came a Latham supercharger, but he still was not satisfied, so he added the most unique performance part I've ever seen-a Turbonique Gear Axle Rocket. This device was basically a rocket with a one-way sprag that, when activated, put 1,000 extra horsepower directly to the rear axle. Rumor has it that Zachary used it only once (and probably needed to change his undies afterwards). Eddie Krusch currently owns the Galaxie, and there's no word from him if he'll ever "kick the tire and light the fire" with this bad boy. There's some interesting information on the Internet about Turbonique if you care to search for it.

As we often do at shows we attend, Mustang & Fords had the honor of bestowing an Editor's Choice award to a Fun Field participant. We chose Steve Marks' '61 T-bird, custom built by Carlisle Customs & Classics (www.carlislebodyshop; 717/258-1313), just down the street from the fairgrounds. The black-over-silver paint was flawless on Steve's car, and the Foose wheels looked great, too. Other custom touches include a Vintage Air system and custom one-off digital gauges.

Mustang & Fords is also invited to attend Carlisle's Fun Field Celebrity Luncheon every year, and part of the festivities is that all celebrities in attendance (and trust me, I think I'm far from a celebrity) get to pick their favorite car of the whole show. While it is certainly an honor to be invited, it is a huge burden looking at well over 2,000 cars and choosing just one. The number of trips back and forth to the top 10 or so cars and trying to decide is mind-numbing, but ultimately I chose Kevin and Lisa Cornell's '70 Cougar Eliminator clone. Like my own Mustang, it's bathed in a perfect shade of gold with a spotless black interior, and the modifications under the hood and the aftermarket wheels round out the whole package.

This year our Associate Publisher, Sandy Patterson, joined Mustang Monthly Editor Donald Farr and myself at the Fun Field Celebrity Luncheon. Sandy's pick was Bill Vincent's '65 Mustang convertible. As a big fan of classic looks with modern nuances, Bill's Mustang was right up Sandy's alley. It's one sweet cruiser with Randall's power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering, Wilwood four-wheel disc brakes with a dual reservoir power booster, tilt wheel, Dakota Digital gauges, modern-style air conditioning, and Hanline power windows. All the great looks with all the conveniences-Sandy wouldn't have it any other way. Congratulations to all of the show's winners! We'll see you there next June.