Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
July 19, 2006

Gotta Show Power Steering Cooler
(602) 237-4506
Power steering is a nice option to have with today's wide tires and performance suspensions, but it's the little details that really make a clean installation. We found this great little inline power steering cooler from Gotta Show Products at the show. With an easy inline installation and available with hose barb or -6 AN ends, it'll fit just about any power-steering application on your {{{Mustang}}} or other classic {{{Ford}}}. Gotta Show also has braided line kits for power steering, hydra boost systems, and other fluid lines as well to dress up your engine compartment and add some fluid-pressure security.

Jon Barrett Hot Rod Engines Total Package
(405) 769-8114
We caught up with the guys at Jon Barrett Hot Rod Engines to see what was new, and we really liked their idea of the Total Package program. With the Total Package, you can order your custom-built engine package and transmission, and the top-notch builders at Jon Barrett will put it all together for you in one easy shipment. Those installation-day headaches ("Oh, I need bellhousing bolts") will be a thing of the past. Automatic or manual trans, Jon Barrett can hook you up, so give the company a call.

Lizard Skin Ceramic Insulation
(877) 278-9468
We'd only recently heard about Lizard Skin on an Internet message board, so when we spotted the company's staff at the Hotrod & Restoration show, we stopped to learn more, and we're glad we did. Lizard Skin is a ceramic insulation that you spray onto your car, literally anywhere-on the undercarriage, in the trunk, and so on. You can even apply it to exterior panels, sand it, and paint over it. Lizard Skin will adhere to most materials, including fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and steel, and has the benefit of being Class A fire rated and a high-quality insulator (which is what the Lizard Skin coated griddle was demonstrating). The product ships in 2-gallon containers and is applied with air pressure and a feed gun.