Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
July 19, 2006

Classic Instruments Mustang Gauges
(231) 582-0461
While Classic Instruments didn't have a complete gauge system for us to look at when we stopped by, the company is working on a new project to introduce direct-replacement Mustang gauge clusters featuring its own line of high-quality instrumentation for a direct bolt-in solution. As soon as we can get our hands on one, we'll give you the full details.

Seals-It Firewall Seals
(860) 979-0060
With our Factory Five Racing Roadster project underway, we were wondering how we'd pass cables and hoses through the aluminum firewall panel of the Roadster. Then we happened across these great firewall seals from Seals-It. Available in a variety of sizes and combinations, they allow hose-even ones with fittings or clamps already on their ends-to easily pass through. The firewall seals are simply riveted or bonded into place. Seals-It also has trick rod-end seals, too, if you are using rod ends on any of your suspension components.

Performance Automatic AOD Linkage/Modular Engine Adapter
(301) 963-8078
If you've wrestled with an AOD swap in your classic {{{Ford}}}, only to find the next problem after getting the auto box installed was trying to figure out how to hook up the original shifter linkage, then fear no more. The Ford nuts at Performance Automatic have heard the screams and seen the bloodied knuckles, and come to our rescue with their new AOD linkage kit. This simple kit allows you to keep your stock shifter assembly for that period look, while allowing you to connect your AOD to it effortlessly. PA also showed us its new modular engine adapter for non-electronic transmissions. If you've been thinking about a modular engine swap but would rather run a C4, a C6, or an AOD transmission, this adapter will hook you up in no time flat.