February 7, 2006

Every year the automotive world gathers in Las Vegas for the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer's Association show. SEMA brings together manufacturers, distributors, and the press to see the latest aftermarket parts at this industry-only trade show.

While other parts of the show are for new vehicles, the import market, or the truck market, classic Ford muscle can always be found. This year was no exception, as we saw fastbacks, Cobras, trucks, and even one or two Eleanor lookalikes.

While we'll be showing you the latest parts throughout the year, we wanted to show you a few pieces of automotive art we found--and yes, like you, we want them all in our garage!


0605_01z Ford_Mustang_Kona Front_Side
0605_02z 1966_Shelby_GT350H Front_Side
0605_03z Ford_Mustang_GT500E Side
0605_04z Ford_Mustang_GT500E Front_Side
0605_05z Ford_Mustang_GT350SR Front_Side
0605_06z 1969_Ford_Mustang_Sportsroof Front

Photo Gallery

0605_07z 1970_Shelby_GT500_Eleanor Front_Side
0605_08z 1956_Ford_Foose_Truck Front_Side
0605_09z 1956_Ford_Foose_Truck Close_Up_Wheel
0605_10z Shelby_CSX1000_427_Cobra Side_View
0605_11z 1972_Ford_Mustang_Convertible Front_Side_View
0605_15z Ford_GT40 Front_Side_View
0605_12z 1969_Ford_Mustang_Sportsroof Front_Side_View
0605_13z 1969_Ford_Mustang_Sportsroof Interior_Seats
0605_14z 1969_Ford_Mustang_Sportsroof Underhood_Supercharged_Windsor_Engine