Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
December 6, 2005

Getting Boss'd Around
The Boss Car Nationals was held within the confines of the All-Ford show at Carlisle, and it was the most amazing display of cars I've seen in a long, long time. I'm partial to yellow '69 Boss 302s (I can get picky about year and color since I know I'll never own one), but no matter the year or color, there was an example on the grounds for you to drool over. From ultra-low-mileage concours examples to built-to-the-hilt Restomods, you could have seen it all. Activities included the aforementioned barbeque dinner along with a cruise to the local Hooters, raffle prizes, photography, plaques, racing displays, racing footage, and more. One of the highlights for many was the ability to speak with and get autographs from Bud Moore (of Trans-Am racing fame) and our very own Donald Farr, author of Mustang Boss 302, Ford's Trans-Am Pony Car. Here's a few snapshots of the happenings within the Boss Car Nationals itself.