Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
November 1, 2005

We've all been to static car shows with the family. You wipe down the chrome, while the wife reads a book in the chair behind the car. Your kids (if you weren't lucky enough to dump them on the grandparents) usually drive you nuts by just being typical kids until you bribe them with ice cream money or the promise of a new music CD. It's either that or they're running between the cars making you and every other owner a nervous wreck.

Wouldn't it be nice to attend an automotive event the whole family can enjoy, and you can do as little or as much of the activities as you wanted? Of course it would, and that's why the people at Year One put their heads together to plan the most entertaining automotive show you could find. Over the years, the venue and dates have changed a bit, but the premise of the show has not-an entertaining weekend of activities that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Now called the Year One Experience with a date in early spring (it was held in April this year), the show puts together all the fun stuff in one great weekend. With your choice of driving events (autocross, hot laps, skid pad, drag racing), plus a static car display, vendors to answer questions and show off their latest goods, plus shopping excursions for the ladies, and a huge children's play area, there's indeed something for everyone. Let's put it this way, of all the shows we cover, this is one of the few shows where the wife wants to tag along; the last time she suggested actually bringing the kids with us! What does that tell ya?

Check out the following photos from our weekend at the Year One Experience, and keep your eye out for the '06 show dates and registration information right here in Mustang & Fords or on Year One's web site,