Tom Shaw
March 1, 2005

In the next lane, Joe Shepard stages his mighty Buick 455 Stage 1 GSX to spoil the party. Besides more displacement than a container ship of Hyundais, Joe's Buick has cold air induction, 3.73:1 Posi-traction gears, and more torque than a GM Electromotive. This will be the last-and fastest-Ford versus Buick shootout.

Round One: Brian comes off the line with a sizzling .521 reaction time, almost three-tenths ahead of Joe's .810. Brian rides those 4.56 gears to a quick 2.11 60-footer. This is an impressive feat considering the Merc's 4,367-pound heft and skinny tires. Brian bangs off three quick shifts and stays ahead of the Buick coast to coast, stopping the clocks with a 13.37 at 106.21, way out in front of the GSX's 13.80 at 103.16.

Round Two: Joe strikes first, coming out of the hole with a quick .545 light. Brian's a tenth behind with a .651. Joe also has the edge through the first 60 feet. It all comes together for the GSX, and Joe stays ahead for the win despite his winning 13.48 at 103.55 e.t. being a tick slower than Brian's 13.43 at 106.96.

Round Three: The final race. No margin for error here. Brian leaves hard on a sharp .537 light, then shaves his 60-foot time down to 2.09. Meanwhile, Joe red lights! The race is now for pride, and, for Brian, there's no such thing as backing off. The win goes to the mighty Merc, which posts its best e.t. of the event, 13.28 at 107.50. That's a runnin' Merc! Joe runs 13.49 at 104.16, which proves the old Mercury's worth.

’69 MACH 1 VS. ’70 OLDS 4-4-2 W-30
CAR '69 MACH 1 '70 OLDS 4-4-2 W-30
Engine/hp 428 {{{CJ}}}/335 455/370
Carburetion 4V 4V
Transmission C6 Select-Shift Turbo 400 automatic
Axle 4.11:1 Traction-Lok 3.91:1 Anti-Spin
Weight 3,686 lbs 3,915 lbs
Round One 12.92 @ 108.12 mph 12.69 @ 109.63 WIN
Round Two 12.91 @ 108.39 mph 12.71 @ 109.60 WIN

The only Ford running 12-second quarter-miles is Tom Artes' Candyapple

The only Ford running 12-second quarter-miles is Tom Artes' Candyapple Red '69 Mach 1. It's packing iron with the 428 Super Cobra Jet, C6 Select-Shift, and deep 4.11:1 "digger" gears. Tom's got the suspension working. His 12.78-second qualifying e.t. is over two-tenths quicker than last year's 12.99, and he's a tough customer.

Tom will have to get by Darrel Detwiler, a passionate Oldsmobile devotee who brings one of Oldsmobile's biggest guns to the party: a '70 455ci, W-30-powered 4-4-2. Darrel's 4-4-2 has 370 hp, Turbo 400 automatic, 3.91:1 Anti-Spin axle, and mountains of torque. Darrel qualified the Olds with a sizzling 12.70-second e.t.

Round One: These two get it on right away, with Tom cutting a .519, and Darrel right behind with a .527. They roar past the 60-foot timers dead even. It's an emotional rush to watch these two spectacularly styled musclecars going at it. At the finish line, Darrel out-muscled the Mustang, running his best e.t. of the event, 12.69 at 109.63 to Tom's 12.92 at 108.12.

Round Two: Darrel cuts a mean .533 light and 60-foots his Olds with a quick 2.05. Tom red lights. He runs a 12.91 at 108.39, not enough to defeat the 4-4-2's winning 12.71 at 109.60.

2005 Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag RaceSecond Weekend After Labor DayMid-Michigan MotorplexStanton, Michigan

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