Tom Shaw
June 1, 2004

For our money, the Pure Stock Drags is one of the coolest, most unique car events on the calendar. Don't feel bad if you aren't up to speed on the Pure Stock Drags-attendance-wise, it's a relatively small meet, but as far as fun and impact on the hobby, it's tiptop.

In a nutshell, the Pure Stock Drags offer a weekend of heads-up racing for unmodified musclecars of all brands running closed exhaust with OEM manifolds on stock-size tires. Carb rejetting, timing changes, high-flow air filters, and some mufflers are ok, but major components-cam, block, heads, intake, carb, and driveline-must all be factory issue. Detailed rules are posted on

The beauty of the Pure Stock Drags is whether you run fast, slow, or in between, you compete against the car running closest to your e.t.'s.

So, how did our beloved Fords do? they were all big-blocks except one, and their e.t.'s were all over the place with the majority being mid-packers running in the 14s. Here's a look at how the 12 participants did.

Go To The DragsWant to take your shot? Powershift your way to glory? Or maybe just spectate and hang out with some great people and awesome cars. Here's the when and where info. Complete rules are posted on the Pure Stock Drags web site. See you there!

What: Pure Stock Drags

When: June 25-26, 2004September 17-18, 2004

Where: Mid-Michigan Motorplex,Stanton, Michigan

Host hotel: Comfort Inn,Alma, Michigan

Contact: Pure StockMusclecar Drag RaceP. O. Box 341Tecumseh, MI 49286-0341Dan Jensen(517) 647-2474Bob Boden(517)

W '72 Gran Torino Sport 351/260 15.72 0755
L '70 Torino {{{GT}}} Sundin 429/370 15.05 {{{760}}}
L '71 Torino 500 Kulenkamp 429/370 14.91 762
L '70 Cyclone Tuttle 429/370 14.75 765
L '68 Cyclone Naugle 390/{{{300}}} 14.71 767
L '70 Torino Nowakowski 429/370 14.54 775
W '71 {{{Cougar}}} XR7 Lewis 429/370 14.50 771, 815
L '70 Torino GT Burger 429/370 14.23 775
W '70 Torino Nowakowski 429/375 14.03 781, 746
W '64 Merc {{{Marauder}}} Stefina 427/425 13.46 792
W '69 {{{Mustang}}} Maybee 428/335 13.42 793, 824
W '69 Mustang Artes 428/335 12.99 799, 828

ConclusionLet the bench racing begin. Of the 12 shootouts involving Fords and Mercurys, Fords won 6. Not bad, but the Blue Oval contingent could use some fresh troops. (See sidebar for event info.) It's the hot FE engines-R-code 427 and 428 Cobra Jet Mustangs-running the best times, with the powerful, but heavier, 429 Torinos and Cyclones close behind. The really cool thing is watching the cars get faster from year to year as drivers gain precious tuning and driving experience. Sure beats just sitting around polishing your fenders.