Jeff Ford
April 1, 2004
Contributers: Jeff Ford, The Mustang & Fords Archives Photos By: The Mustang & Fords Archives

We're definitely excited about this run, since we are tagging along with the folks from the Great American Pony Drive on a small portion of their adventures in America. Though Primedia and Mustang & Fords are not affiliated with the Great American Pony Drive II, we are planning to pony up our $15 and join the drive. Their whole drive (should you choose to accept the challenge) will encompass 10,450 some odd miles, and a schedule that will cover this country from sea to shining sea, and from the gulf to the great lakes. If you do their whole trip we recommend you have a lot of vacation time and plenty of expendable cash, as you'll be on the road for two solid months-sounds like a good PBS special to us. There are already 163 people signed up on the official site ( to do at least one part of the trip; of those, 18 are planning to do the entire trip!

Well, there is a first time for everything. We've never done a trail this long before. We'll travel an estimated 615 miles of interstate to get to the final destination, then, crazy whack jobs that we are, we'll join the Mustang Club of America folks for their Thursday evening jaunt to downtown Nashville. when it's all said and done, we'll head back to Florida on the Monday after the 40th, probably taking two days to return. needless to say, you'll want to slot a good portion of time for the trip.

So plan on coming to the Mustang 40th with us-we'll only get to do this once. Obviously, since this show is the Mustang 40th anniversary we'll be going to, well, a Mustang-only show. we're not saying you can't bring your Falcon, Fairlane, Comet, Galaxie (you get the idea) along for the trail, just that you won't have a place to show at the end. Now, if you just want to drive your Ford on a nice vacation trip that happens to encompass Nashville, then sail on brother (or sister), and we'll welcome you with open arms. Look for more info next month!

The Trail-ERRR Drive
Pony Drive II: Tuesday, April 13, 2004 (overnight stay, leaving Wednesday morning. We recommend you arrive in Ocala after lunch onTuesday.)
Pony Drive II Cost: $15. See the info packet section for details.Departure time: 8:00 a.m. (estimated) from Ocala, Wednesday,April 14.
Start Location: We join at NationalParts Depot, 900 SW 38th Ave.,Ocala, FL on the 13th.
End Location: Nashville, TN.

Up Coming
Next month we have two trails-one at the beginning, and one near the end of the month. The first is set in the beautiful Maryland countryside; the other is at our nearly-annual trek to the Shelby Spring Fling in Nashville, Indiana. This will be our fifth trail at the Spring Fling, and for this one we're heading back to Monroe, Indiana. Hopefully, this year it won't rain.

The first trail will be set in Rockville, Maryland, and will have Montgomery college as our starting point. next month we'll give more precise directions to the site. The fine folks of the National Capitol Region Mustang Club (NCRMC) are planning a show for the Sunday after our trail, so we urge you to stay to enjoy it and the campus setting.

The Trail

  • Pony Trails: Saturday, May 2, 2004
  • NCRMC Show: Sunday, May 3, 2004
  • Pony Trails Cost: Free
  • Departure time: 9:00 a.m.,
  • Drivers' meeting: 8:30 a.m.
  • Start Location: Montgomery College, Rockville Campus, 51 Mannakee Street, Rockville, MD 20850
  • End location: Montgomery College, Rockville Campus, 51 Mannakee Street, Rockville, MD 20850
  • Trail Boss: Jeff Ford (863) 644-0449,
  • Show Contact: Rachel A. Emmons (703) 768-3984,; Rex Turner (703) 319-3338,
  • Info Packet for Pony Drive II
    Copy this info and mail it to the address below. you can check out the updates at, and register at

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Company Name:
    Zip Code:
    Car Info
    Driven: yes no
    Trailered: yes no
    Club affiliation:
    MCA number:
    Portion you intend to travel:
    Time anticipated being on the Drive:

    This preregistration is to allow people all over the world to sign up early and reserve a participant number. Numbers will be assigned in the order received by date and time. Once you are registered for the Participant Package, you can come in and out as your schedule allows for the entire Pony Drive. There is no additional need to sign up again. Your ID card is valid for the entire 8 weeks, no matter what portions you plan on traveling with the Pony Drive.

    Mail to: Pony Investments, Inc., 3184 NW 113 Avenue, Sunrise, FL 33323.

    We start at Montgomery College's parking lot on Campus Drive, off Route 355 in Rockville. Proceed on Campus Drive towards Mannakee Street and turn right. Continue straight (through circle) until it ends at Route 28. Turn left on Rte. 28 and then right on Great Falls Road (Route 189). Stay straight on Falls Road until it ends at MaCarthur Blvd, turn left. Road splits-keep to right on Clara Barton Parkway. Turn right onto Chain Bridge and cross Potomac River. Just after the bridge, turn right onto Chain Bridge Road (Route 123). Bear right onto Georgetown Pike (Route 193). Stay on Georgetown Pike to Drainsville, which ends at Route 7. Turn right on Rte. 7 and head west to Leesburg. Go past Leesburg (bypass route if applicable) and make a right on Charles Town Pike. Stay on Route 9 until it meets at Route 340 north bypass. There will be some turns to stay on Rte. 9. Stay on Rte. 340 and cross over bridge into Maryland. Harpers Ferry will be on the left before the bridge. Continue on Rte. 340 until it meets Route 15. Go south on Rte.15 to Route 28 east at Point of Rocks. Stay on Rte. 28 (there will be some turns) until South River Road (Route 112), turn right. Turn left on Route 190 southeast to Potomac, turn left onto Falls Road. Take Falls Road up to Rte. 28 and turn left on Rte. 28 shortly after passing Route 270. Turn right on Mannakee Street-go around circle and continue straight on Mannakee St. Turn left onto West Campus Drive and back to the parking lot at Montgomery College.

    The Trail

  • Pony Trails: Friday, May 21, 2004
  • Pony Trails Cost: Free
  • Registration Cost: None for the Trail
  • Departure Time: 9:00 a.m., drivers' meeting: 8:30 a.m.
  • Start Location: Brown County State Park, Nashville, IN 47448, show site parking lot; drivers meeting in front of the Abe Martin Lodge
  • End Location: Abe Martin Lodge, Brown County State Park, Nashville, IN 47448
  • Trail Boss: Jeff Ford (863) 644-0449;
  • Show Information: Joyce Yates (812) 988-7146;;

    We'll cue up at the Brown County State park show site parking lot after the drivers' meeting. Heading out of the park, turn right and head east on State Road 46. At State Road 135, turn right and head south until US 50. We'll turn left on US 50 into Brownstown, where we'll pick up State Road 39 south. Heading south on 39, we'll go through Tampico, then turn left on State Road 56 and head west. We'll take State Road 56 through Scottsburg and on into Madison. In Madison, we'll cue up in a parking lot where we'll meet the local police for the escort into town. We'll have the riverfront park reserved for us and plenty of local eating establishments within walking distance. After lunch, we'll receive the Mayor for a few niceties and maybe a trophy or two. around 2:00, we'll make the trip back to Nashville via State Road 7, north through Columbus to State Road 46, west into Nashville and the park.

    Official Disclaimer
    As we say at the beginning of each trail, we are going to a specific location. If you choose to follow our route, you do so of your own free will. Should something befall you while on the trail, you are solely responsible for your actions and deeds. Mustang Monthly and Mustang & Fords are not responsible.