Jeff Ford
February 1, 2004
Photos By: The Mustang & Fords Archives

The trail was a trip back in time for us, and our vehicle was a super-fine piece of Shelby history, loaned to us by Jim Chisum, the guy in charge of the Mustang 40th Anniversary (see the news section page for details). Jim's gracious loan of a '65 GT350 made the drive one that left a smile on my face all day long. Thanks again, Jim. Since the areas around Batesburg are my old stomping grounds, we enjoyed the trip and the gracious hospitality of Bob Oswalt and his staff at Oswalt's Mustang.

The End?We just returned from the Vegas Trail and you can see an overview in the News section, page 14. We can't wait for the '04 season, and we've already started work on the '05 trail season. Looking forward to seeing you on a trail with us soon.

Overall, the Pony Trails season was a huge success. We enjoyed every one of the places we visited, and hope that the locals, as well as out-of-town attendees had fun. We had some awesome trails-some with super attendance, and some with a great down-home feel. We can't say enough good things about all the folks who helped to make Pony Trails a success for 2003.