Evan J. Smith
March 1, 2013
Photos By: Marc Christ

1st Place
Mark Meiring
2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Whenwe announced the location for the final battle, Mark Meiring was the first to respond. Actually, Jim Bell of Kenne Bell Superchargers cast his vote for Meiring's GT500 that sports a Mod mill massaged by Mihovetz (John that is of Accufab), backed by a T400 trans and a Steeda suspension. With its parachute, drag wheels and full cage, there is no denying its purpose, but just how potent would the Shelby be in this challenge? It's been 8.15/170 in the quarter, but that's no guarantee it would spin for the win.

Upon cranking up the 5.4 it was apparent the engine was a beast. Its Pro Mod-like cackle was devilish and on the first pull bystanders jumped back and jammed their fingers in their ears.

Thanks to Chris Groves, who was there, Meiring's mount was tuned well and it spit out an angry 1,056 hp on the first hit. With massive torque, the dyno spun up quickly and Nevarez was out of the gas in short term. Not satisfied, and still with 25 minutes to play, the team jumped to action, checking plugs and replenishing the ice for the intercooler.

After a modest cool-down, Nevarez and Groves climbed in and gave the Shelby another try. With the fluids fully warmed and fresh ice chilling the intercooler, the monster released another hundred ponies—for a total of 1,125—a full 200 more than any Dyno Wars competitor and 365 more than anyone in Vegas.

Meiring jumped skyward in elation and the crowd fist-pumped and cheered at the new record and quadruple-digit score. Even Nevarez was taken back, as was the MM&FF and Shelby staff on hand.

"We leaned it out to make the power and it was right where I'd though we'd be. Considering the auto trans, it kind of flat lines on the dyno. On the track you can feel it lock up, but not on the dyno. I have hopes for 7s in the quarter now that it's tuned so well."

Mark Meiring's 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
Engine 5.4L modular built by John Mihovetz
Transmission Rossler T400
Power Adder Kenne Bell water-cooled 4.2L supercharger, 3.5-inch pulley
Cylinder Heads Stock, ported by John Mihovetz
Camshaft(s) Yes
Fuel Injection System Big Stuff 3
Rear Gear 3.90:1
Tires M/T 325/60/15
Max Power 1,125
Max Torque 821
Max Boost 27 psi