Evan J. Smith
March 1, 2013
Photos By: Marc Christ

3rd Place
Nathan Alleman
2001 Ford Mustang GT

If there was an underdog in the mix, it was Nathan Alleman's Two-Valve GT—though with 821 rwhp, his New Edge won't finish behind many.

MMR built the 325-inch stroker that has ported TFS heads, Stage 3 crower cams and Manley components in the bottom-end. Up top is a Reichard Racing intake fed by a mighty intercooled ProCharged F1-C unit (22 psi), with the addition of single-stage 50hp NOS dry kit for added punch.

"I bought my GT new and have done all the work, except for machining and tuning. I have changed superchargers several times and put a new motor in it, too. Previously it was in the low 10s," he added. Alleman hadn't yet drag tested with the new mill, but track action is the purpose for the GT's existence.

The modular 'plant is backed by an FB Performance 4R70W with a 3.73 cog in the rear. He still relies on the stock ECM with a JMS tune flashed in there. Other essentials include 80-lb/hr injectors, Aeromotive fuel system, BBK twin-65mm throttle body, Kooks headers, Dynomax mufflers and a UPR suspension to hook it up.

"I thought it was a cool event," Allerman stated. "My car performed like I thought it would, we had a good time. I drove over 1,500 miles each way and when I got home I went right to work. The first chance I got I took it to Royal Purple Raceway (Houston) and ran 9.60 at 149 mph."

His GT looks the part of an everyday Mustang, but packs enough punch to run deep in the 9s, or perhaps 8s with tuning. On this day it had enough steam for third place, and that is pretty sporty. He couldn't let us go without thanking his wife and kids, especially his wife, who rode shotgun all the way to Vegas and back to Texas.

Nathan Alleman's 2001 Ford Mustang GT
Engine MMR-prepared Two-Valve modular, bored and stroked to 325 cid
Transmission FB Performance 4R70W
Power Adder Procharger F1-C/NOS single-stage dry kit (50 shot)
Cylinder Heads TFS Aluminum
Camshaft(s) Crower Stage 3
Fuel Injection System Stock W/JMS tune
Rear Gear 3.73
Tires Nitto 315/35/17
Max Power 821
Max Torque 681
Max Boost 22 psi