Evan J. Smith
March 1, 2013
Photos By: Marc Christ

2nd Place
Matt Snow
1993 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

TEAMMM&FF has known Matt Snow for years—he's the man behind Snow Performance, makers of one of the best-selling methanol injection systems on the market. With that, Snow is no stranger to making horsepower, or dyno testing, and his own '93 Cobra has spun the rollers to some serious numbers.

Snow's mount is a fabulous SVT Cobra that has loads of appeal, but is far from factory. The heart of Snow's street and track beats is an Ernie Elliott-built NASCAR-style 358-inch Windsor with an F2 ProCharger that's normally pulley'd for 24 psi.

The ultra-clean appearance and attention to detail is seen from the engine bay to the back bumper. He races the Cobra—hard—whenever he gets the chance and of course, uses it as a test bed for his meth systems and controllers.

Before loading the Cobra to Shelby's Dynojet, Snow pulled me aside and confessed he hurt the engine (a little) preparing for our shootout. "I knew we hurt it on the dyno. We were past just 1,000 [hp] and we pulley'd down and buzzed the blower, and quite honestly it was too much. We went from 24 to 32 and we lost two cylinders," he explained. "I couldn't miss this opportunity, even if it didn't make as much as it normally would," explained Snow.

I thought there would be a 1,100hp car there and we wanted to match it. It's a great, reliable 1,000hp car, but were trying to push beyond what it was designed for."

We could see the disappointment in Snow's eyes, as he knew his Cobra wasn't giving its all. The 358 stumbled when it came up on the revs, but still produced big power. It spun the rollers to the tune of 860.24 rwhp.

The pull moved Snow into Second Place, and no real chance to top the Shelby, he called it quits, but promised to return with more power.

Matt Snow's 1993 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra
Engine Ernie Elliott-built NASCAR-style 358 Windsor with a dry-sump with Jesel valvetrain
Transmission Tremec T-56
Power Adder ProCharger F2
Cylinder Heads Yates/Elliot aluminum (NASCAR)
Camshaft(s) Custom blower cam with reduced overlap
Fuel Injection System Big Stuff 3
Rear Gear 3.55
Tires Nitto NT01 315/35/17
Max Power 860
Max Torque n/a
Max Boost Over 30 psi