Evan J. Smith
March 1, 2013
Photos By: Marc Christ

4th Place
Rick Stanton
1969 Ford Talladega

MM&FFreaders might not be familiar with the Talladega, a unique model that Ford built early in 1969 to enhance performance in NASCAR. Only about 750 street-legal models were built. Some of the most prolific drivers of the time wheeled these machines, including Richard Petty, David Pearson, and Benny Parsons, to name a few. Rick Stanton's example replicates Parsons' No. 72 entry and it took nearly a lifetime to create his "dream car" which he not only street drives, but races. It has topped 250 mph!

"When I was 23 (Stanton is now 66) I sat in a new Talladega on the showroom floor at a dealership, that was the beginning of my dream," he proclaimed. "For over 30 years I have been collecting the parts to build a Boss 429 engine to put in a Talladega that I would someday own. I found my car 14 years ago in a junkyard in California. It was only a body, with very little straight sheetmetal and missing the entire drivetrain and wheels. It was love at first sight, I found the car that had potential to be a street-legal NASCAR clone—I had to have it."

The home-built Boss sports a wicked 672-inch Isky cam with 11:1 compression. It also has Ross pistons, Eagle rods, roller cam bearings to allow the big solid roller to spin freely and there is a dry sump for oiling. Topping the mill is a 1,250-cfm Holley Dominator on a NASCAR Super Speedway single-plane intake with custom step headers feeding 4-inch Spintech mufflers. A prepped Toploader and McLeod clutch get the power to the 9-inch that is geared from 2.50 to 3.31 depending on the event and track.

Once setup, Navaro jammed himself into the tight Kirky seat and he went over the controls carefully. Finally, he floored the throttle and let it eat.

"I was in there [the throttle] forever," Navaro admitted. It was wild with the dyno running that fast and for so long."

Navaro laid on the coals until the dyno shut him down at 228 mph, and the Talladega laid down a whopping 713 rwhp.

Rick Stanton's 1969 Ford Talladega
Engine Boss 429 bored to 589 cid
Transmission Ford Toploader
Power Adder None
Cylinder Heads Aluminum NASCAR D-port 2.40/1.90
Camshaft(s) Isky 0.672, 262/268 duration
Fuel Injection System Holley 1250 Holley Dominator
Rear Gear 2.50:1
Tires Goodyear Eagle 27.5x12x15-inch
Max Power 713.41
Max Torque 670.37
Max Boost Didn't need any